A big struggle for opioid addicts is the process of resettling into the community once they’ve done with rehabilitation. The outer world is full of temptation, and regression is almost always a guarantee. After participating in a recovery program, these patients can slip back into old habits. Only those who maintain sobriety can stay sober following recovery.

Sober House, Inc. is created to provide drug addicts with a safe, organized, and rehabilitation environment. As one of the leading sober houses in MA, Sober House Inc.’s mission is to work with addicts in Methuen, Massachusetts. According to a study by the Boston Medical Center, ‘there were 2,244 opioid-related overdose deaths in Massachusetts.’ In response to this problem, Sober House, Inc. specializes in recovery meetings, medication-assisted therapies (MAT), onsite recovery coaching, and in-house group meetings.

The objective of a sober house is to


  • Collaborate on personal development with each member.
  • Assist them in developing and improving their life skills.
  • Ensure members create concise and straightforward goals
  • Assist residents in becoming more self-aware through 12-step sessions, goal-setting, personal development, and empathy.


The 12 Step addiction recovery program provided by Sober House, Inc. originated from Alcoholics Anonymous. It is the philosophical basis for overcoming the consequences of alcoholism in one’s own life. Many 12-step treatment program participants discovered that the interventions were a means to avoid drinking. According to the APA (American Psychological Association), the 12 Step Addiction Recovery in Methuen can be summarized as follows:


  • Acknowledging that one’s drinking, addiction or obsession is out of control;
  • Beginning to trust in a greater authority that will have strength;
  • Reviewing previous mistakes with the aid of a counselor (qualified member);
  • Atone for these flaws;
  • Trying to cope with a new life with a new standard of ethics;
  • Assisting those who struggle from the same addiction, substance abuse, or obsessions.


What are the 12 Steps?


The 12 steps addiction recovery below helps individuals gain wisdom, knowledge, motivation, and optimism in their situations.


  1. Sincerity: For addicts and their friends and relatives, recovery may start with one clear realization of being helpless over addiction after years of denial.
  2. Belief: It appears to be a biblical reality that you should first trust in a higher force before it can start working.
  3. Surrender: By taking the straightforward effort to switch it all over to a greater force, a lifetime of consciousness can come to a complete halt.
  4. Soul Searching: Rehabilitation is a process, not an occurrence, according to the 12-step addiction treatment. This is also true here: there will undoubtedly be more information uncovered.
  5. Integrity: Step 5 is perhaps the most daunting of all the steps to take, but it still offers far more room for improvement.
  6. Acknowledgment: Step 6 is all about accepting character flaws for what they are and being fully able to let go.
  7. Gratitude: Step 7’s spiritual emphasis is modesty, which involves seeking a greater authority to achieve something that cannot be accomplished by self-will or commitment.
  8. Commitment: Compiling a list of those who have been injured before entering treatment should seem straightforward. The hardest thing is genuinely being able to make such adjustments.
  9. Reconciliation: Making necessary changes may seem to be a difficult pill to take, but it can be an excellent treatment for the heart and soul of those who are concerned about healing.
  10. Maintenance: Nobody enjoys admitting they’ve made a mistake. However, maintaining spiritual growth in healing is critical.
  11. Being in Touch: The aim of Step 11 is to figure out what God’s plan for your future is (as you know Him).
  12. Service: Mastering Step 12 is essentially “how it happens” for those in recovery facilities.

Everyone can overcome their addiction. Nonetheless, it is much easier when patients are supported by people struggling through the same early stages of healing. This support comes from individuals dedicated to assisting drug addicts through difficult times. Sober House, Inc. is packed with professionals who have been where you are and are committed to helping you get through it. Undoubtedly the best sober house in MA, Sober House Inc., can help anyone regain control over their lives in a safe facility.


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