Are you facing a situation where you have lost all hope? Are you under the fear of death of a person, dream, or relationship? Are you not able to find a way out? If your answer is yes, it’s the perfect time to activate your faith and belief in God.

Once you have faith in the Almighty, He will do what he promised to do. He will give you support in all the ways possible to get you out of the existing problems.

You can follow the given methods for activating the anointing.

  1. Find your problems and express them before God

If you don’t know your problems and don’t show them to a person, how can he solve them? The same concept applies to God also.

Spend some time before the Holy Spirit praying for the situations that need His attention. It can be a need for healing, relations restoration, or financial crisis.

Once you find them, write them on paper and stick them to a place where you will see them many times a day, like the background of your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Whatever issues you are having in your mind and heart, find the instructions given by Jesus Christ and apply them in your life according to the situation.

When you drift in the lane of fear or negativity, redirect your mind towards the Words of God and keep focus on the heavenly things and not on those that are temporary.

2.  Show your faith in God

If you have faith in God, His anointing touch becomes activated. Certain stories prove it.

Two blind men prayed to Jesus Christ to return their eyes. He asked them if they believed that He could do this miracle to know their faith. Since they showed strong faith in His powers, He blessed them with eyesight.

The second story is about a leper. He went to Jesus and said, “If you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.” He got God’s anointing to get well.

These stories prove that having faith cause anointing to flow and healing.

3.   Activating the anointing by continuous faith

Having faith in God is not a one-day action; it is a lifetime journey. You may face difficult times in life, but you should trust Him (God). He must be taking your test but end all your sorrows soon.

For example, King Abraham left his kingdom to obey God’s call. He faced many difficulties but got a new land later because he never lost his faith in the Almighty.

For the anointing process, we use special oils. The anointing oil ingredients are Olive oil, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, and Sweet Cane (Calamus) and found naturally.

We mix these anointing oil ingredients in a specified ratio to produce various prophetic oils with distinct fragrances for different occasions.


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