Sexual kinks, fetish, and desire is something that every person on this earth has. The fetishes and kinks make the sexual life of the person more exhilarating and exciting. Many people try their sexual fantasies and fetishes with their partners. They also search for new fetishes to explore their sexuality and to keep the fun alive in their relationship.

Unfortunately, not many people get a chance to try their fetishes. It can be maybe due to their wild fetish or because they might face low confidence in completing their fetish. People often resort to Toronto independent escorts in Ontario to fulfill their fetish. Many Fetish escorts in Toronto are open to try new fetishes and learn something about the fetishes.

Fetish can be described as an extreme sexual attachment to a body part or an object. People often engage a specific body part for which they have a fetish. They also try to incorporate the object they have as a sexual fetish. A fetish can heighten the sexual release and pleasure during sexual intercourse. Different people have different fetishes, but everyone equally loves some. Here is the list of most popular fetishes-

1. Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is one of the most common and most popular fetishes found in human beings. Some men have a strong desire to worship food. They can spend hours worshipping the feet. The natural smell of the feet has an intoxicating effect on the men.

People spend hours kissing, massaging, and licking the feet. Foot fetish has a considerable following, and everyone who has a foot fetish likes a different type of feet. Some like large feet, while others like small and petite feet. People are also attracted to the toe and the nail paints. The more well-kept the feet is more will pleasurable the experience will be.

2. Ageplay

Ageplay is suitable for those who always felt that being a child gives them confidence. Ageplay is a fetish where people have an endearing sexual attachment to adult babies. Adult baby is a term used for grown-up adults acting like a baby.

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Some people just enjoy acting like a toddler or a 5-year-old. They feel empowered in the regressive environment. Ageplay involves a lot of pacifiers, baby talks, and baby clothes. Some people even try adult diapers and crawl instead of walking like toddlers.

3. Role Play

Roleplay is another sexual fetish that people have. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes that people have. In the role-playing fetish, people have various scenarios and characters during the excitement phase, before sex.

People have fantasies of Princess Leia in a gold bikini, DDLG, cop-prisoner, etc. Roleplay has been a lot popular in recent times. People even have their alter-egos for role-playing. It is not always necessary to adopt a particular character; you can make your character.

4. Bondage

Some people get supreme pleasure in binding their sex partner up with and then have intercourse with them. People use ropes, handcuffs, etc., to tie their partner’s hands together. Sometimes they also blindfold their sexual companion.

There are a lot of human beings that love being tied down or bonded. They also love being blindfolded because they can have a better release when they know the uncertainty involved with being tied up. Bondage is the part of BDSM, where B stands for bondage.

5. Dom-Sub

Domination and Submission are a part of the BDSM relationship. It is the most popular fetish in Canada, as per the reports published by Thrillist. Many Toronto independent escorts in Ontario get a request of dom-sub relationship regularly. Dom-Sub relationships are where an individual completely surrenders themselves to another person. The dominant person is responsible for all the needs of the submissive.

Dominant will set the house rules, playroom rules and will undertake the responsibility of giving all the sexual experiences like exhibitionism, bondage, wax play, piercing, etc. On the other hand, the submissive will have to completely trust the dominant because they have the supreme knowledge of what they are doing.

Dom-sub relationship can go as long as both the parties are willing to continue, and they have to sign a contract that clearly states all the clauses.


Not just these, there are many fetishes that people have and want to fulfill. According to Fetish escorts in Toronto, they have also come across fetishes like latex, water sports, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc. In recent times fetishes have gotten more acceptance and are C no longer seen as a taboo.


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