While selling your house, a professional stager can help you smooth the process. And it becomes a lot harder if you have a luxurious home. A luxury home demands more attention than any other type of home. It takes more planning and effort to stage a luxurious house as it requires more attention to detail.

The luxurious property takes more strategic marketing planning than a typical house. Buyers from modern families look for houses with all amenities, and if you can provide the buyer with a unique amenity in your house, it can help you a lot in getting a better deal in the market.

In this blog, you can learn about six tips to help you in luxury home staging in Bay Area, San Francisco. 

Know Your Buyers

While staging a home, it is better to check your prospective buyer’s background as it helps to make the buyers more interested. If you have a luxurious home in a school district, where only families will try to look for houses, you should consider all the amenities that make your house a family-friendly home.

If you have good outdoor space, you can turn the place into an entertaining area, where your buyer can visualize having an outdoor party space for future use. In some homes, there are media rooms which can be an excellent opportunity for your luxury home staging company in Bay Area to make innovative changes.

Pay Attention To The Central Areas

Buyers pay more attention to the living room, kitchen, and main bedroom areas. Staging spaces like the kitchen and dining room can elevate the offer price for your home and increase its market value. At the same time, all house areas are equally important, but what better catches the eye of the buyer than a well-decorated dining area where they can imagine their family having dinner and entertaining their guests on the weekends.

Keep A Neutral Color Palette 

When you are staging your house. A buyer would like to imagine themselves living in the house, and only you can do it if you try to give your buyer a house with a neutral color palette. You can choose different texture fabrics in neutral shades like beige, white, and cream. You can choose the furniture with muted tones, creating a blank slate for the prospective buyer; it helps to depersonalize your house. You can play with different throws and rugs by choosing a color palette that accents one another.

Choose Decent Artworks For The Walls

When choosing the artwork for staging, you have to pick decent pieces of artwork like sculptures and paintings that fit in your house. And match the color palette. There is much classic artwork that goes well with many traditional luxury-designed homes. Try to focus on decent architecture convenient for the buyer and always. Choose the artwork, keeping in mind the lifestyle your buyer would like to prefer while living in the house.

Avoid Strong Scents In The House

While other showings of homes go for the fragrance of freshly baked cookies and lightly scented candles. You don’t have to make that mistake for luxury homes. Luxury home buyers look for a fresh linen smell that is more appealing. Try to go through the whole house, check for any possible foul smells, and avoid using any strong scented candles at your house.

Vintage Furniture Always Works

Antique and vintage pieces can go very well with a luxurious home. At the same time, people tend to go for expensive furniture that may not well work with a luxurious home buyer. You can always find stylish vintage furniture pieces that complement the house’s architecture. A luxurious home buyer would be more likely to walk into an open house if the style of the house matches the taste of the buyer.  


Every house is different, and every house requires a home staging company. That can make a vacant house feel like a home for the buyers while having an open house. A home staging company knows what trends are popular in the market and act accordingly. If you don’t like hiring a home staging company, these tips can help get you the best deal possible while selling your house to your new buyer!


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