All businesses depend on certain elements that quietly work in the background to accomplish great successes. Every business requires these elements and cannot be without them. Cartons are one such element that some businesses simply cannot do without.

Cartons are a must-have commodity for almost all businesses around the world. One may seldom come across any business that does not feel the need to use cartons for their product packaging. It is an age-old method to keep products safe and intact while being stored or delivered.

But, how are these reliable pieces of product packaging created in the first place?

This is where our company comes into the picture. For almost half a century, we have provided new and old printing and carton folding equipment to businesses. In the long years that we have been in this business, we have earned in-depth knowledge and on-field technical know-how of this industry which gives us the confidence to handle anything related to this industry thrown our way.

Here is how we have maintained a spotless and reliable image and customer base in this industry for all these years.

We abide by morals of quality and honesty in every transaction

Every piece of equipment, such as the automatic UV coating machine or the Bobst die cutting machine that we offer our potential clients, first goes through strict checking. Its quality and functionality are thoroughly put to the test so that there may be no future troubles while one is using it.

Buy or sell new and old equipment

We will help you with the transactions of your new and old pieces of equipment. We are the source that can always help you out if you are in need of printing and carton folding equipment of any kind, whether they are novel, second-hand, third-hand, or even upcoming in the market.

We have a wide range of Equipment

Our company prides itself on being the leading worldwide search engine for pre-owned equipment for some of the best and most popular brands in this market, such as Bobst, Heidelberg, Heiber & Schroeder, and Kohmann.

The photos and prices of the available pre-owned equipment are made available to the interested potential customers on request.

We can locate Equipment for you

If you are interested in a particular piece of equipment, you can browse through our inventory of different types of equipment first, and then if you do not get what you are looking for, we can locate it for you.

Best prices

We offer our clients the most reasonable and affordable prices whether the transaction is for new equipment or an old one.

  • New equipment: We have one of the finest lines of folding carton gluers that are manufactured in Brazil at a fraction of the cost of any other brand available on the market. Thus, we are able to offer our clients the nicest deals and prices.
  • Old equipment: We deal directly with the seller with no middlemen involved, which lets us offer our clients high-quality equipment at the industry’s best prices.

Have surplus equipment? Sell it to us

We can help you get the fairest prices for your surplus equipment. We will take it off your hands with cash payments, and we are always available on phone if you have any queries regarding the transaction.

Machines that function for long periods

Our machines are known for being well functioning and sturdy amongst our clients, so a client purchasing equipment from us doesn’t just get good equipment; they make an addition to their business that will stick around for long periods of time. The longevity of our equipment, such as the automatic UV coating machine or the Bobst die cutting machine, is a plus to their overall appeal and benefits.

We try to know your needs in advance to help you better

Clients visiting our website looking for equipment are asked to fill out a form on the website. This form intends to know about the specifics of our clients and their requirements regarding the machine. In this way, we are able to get our clients exactly what they want in a short amount of time.

As a business owner, one must know where and when to invest; to keep their business running like a well-oiled machine. Investing in the machines, we offer our customers is an investment decision that can and has taken peoples’ business to new heights.


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