Do you use air conditioning? You may be surrounded by some myths. These myths can be about different things about an air conditioning system. This article has included 9 biggest myths about air conditioning that may cost you money if you are not aware of them. Let’s have a look at them.

Myth 1- If you turn down your thermostat, your home cools faster.

When it comes to cooling a room, it always takes time. If you adjust your thermostat at the lowest settings, your AC will work at the same pace. You can save some dollars of your hard-earned money by setting the thermostat closer to the outside temperature. You can consult a 24-hour heating and air conditioning repair in Texas or your area for more knowledge.

Myth -2 If you install a bigger AC unit, it will perform better

It is a myth that you can get better results by installing a big unit in a small space. If you install an AC with high capacity for your space, the unit’s compressor will frequently turn off and on. That can cause several problems by shortening its life and creating many other issues. If you do so, your unit will consume more power. You can call central heating and air conditioning in Houston or your area for the best advice on it.

Myth 3- You save energy by turning off the AC when you are out of home

The truth is that if you turn off your AC and turn it on when you return home, the unit will have to work harder to cool your home. That is why instead of doing so, you can adjust your thermostat a little bit more than turning it off completely.

Myth 4- Using air conditioning causes summer cold 

It is one of the biggest myths many people believe. The truth is that a virus causes summer colds, and it doesn’t happen because of the temperature. You can experience summer cold if you are exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses. You might have allergies or an asthma symptom. But you need to keep your AC maintained to get fresh air by hiring a heating and air conditioning repair near you.

Myth 5- You don’t need to replace air filters for a year

You should know that the air filters provide you with fresh air by accumulating dust and dirt. And when you don’t replace it for a year, it can cause poor airflow and require the AC to work harder. A 24-hour heating and air conditioning repair in Texas or your area always recommend changing the filter as the manufacturer requires.

Myth 6- You can save money with your old AC 

It is not a good idea to use an old AC unit and think you are saving money. You should know that your old AC unit consumes more power and thus it costs more to you. Instead, why don’t you install a new unit and save money with higher efficiency? Buying a new unit will cost in the beginning but save your money in the long run. To buy a new unit, consult central heating and air conditioning in Houston or your area.

Myth 7- There is no impact of the thermostat location on air quality and temperature 

The truth is that you need to install a thermostat away from heat and cooling sources. It should also be in the central location to detect an average temperature reading in your home. You can call a heating and air conditioning repair near you to learn more about the thermostat location.

Myth 8- Fans keep a room cooler.

Fans are designed to transfer air in the room. They don’t impact the air temperature. They keep people cool around the room. After all, you need to provide timely maintenance to your unit with a 24-hour heating and air conditioning repair in Texas for optimal performance.

Myth 9- You can close vents in unused rooms

The truth is that if you shut off vents in the rooms, you don’t use, they will stop air distribution in the entire home. It also creates more pressure on the ducts needing your AC to work harder. That’s all. These are the biggest air conditioning mistakes you should know.   



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