We cannot overemphasize the importance of a clean work environment. A clean workspace is instrumental to the success of the business and an ability to maintain cleanliness in the workplace creates not only a healthier environment for workers but also helps companies become more productive and efficient.

Regular cleaning of the office premises is a practice commonly adopted by businesses, but for thoroughly cleaned premises, more than the regular is recommended. Systematically deep cleaning the workplace is crucial if you intend to maintain a pleasant and hygienic working environment. While deep cleaning helps control the spread of infections and viruses, it also helps to keep tabs on dust and clutter. There are some specific items you should ensure gets cleaned during a deep cleaning exercise, some of which includes:


Windows are an amazing part of a business layout. Having a clean window is always nice, and can make your building look more professional. While the inside of buildings usually gets cleaned regularly windows often are neglected. Over time, a window will collect dust and other contaminants. A clean and sparkling window ensures your company is always presenting its best appearances.

Fabric surfaces

Another item regularly neglected and should get included when deep cleaning is the fabric surfaces. Decorative pillows, couches, and rugs are some of the fabric surfaces that can use a thorough cleaning. Cleaning these items will help keep allergens lower and will make the office look and feel better. During your next deep cleaning, be sure to ask for a possibly overdue cleaning of the fabric surfaces with your professional janitorial service in Walnut Creek.

Air filters

Would you rather compromise on the quality of air to breathe in the office by retaining a dirty or clogged air filter? Definitely not. The air conditioner performs an essential task in the office, especially during the summer, and it is important to pay close attention to the filter. When air filters become dirty, they get clogged, which subsequently reduces their efficiency. Ensure the air filters get changed regularly, and they should also get included among the items during a deep cleaning.


Dishwashers, microwaves, and other appliances in the office often get neglected. Keeping the office space clean as much as possible also entails wiping off the mess from the microwave. Large appliances in the office like fridges, dishwashers, and industrial coffee machines should also get cleaned out and sanitized properly.

Alarm systems

Many people do not see the need to give attention to their alarm system. While you do not necessarily clean the alarm system as you would do with other items, it is necessary to test out and ensure the building alarm system is in proper working condition. If unsure of the alarm system present, speak with your building manager to find out what alarm systems you have in your office and how frequently these alarms are being tested.

Light fixtures

While mostly overlooked during regular cleaning lighting fixtures can quietly gather dust, which dulls their shine over time and can cause health concerns for employees, especially those with asthma and allergies. These fixtures are attractive to bugs and insects and over time, dead bugs will get found in and around them.

Office Plants

While most office cleaning procedures rarely concern themselves about cleaning the office plant, these plants, both real and artificial, can attract cobwebs and dust that cling to them. Live plants furthermore shed their leaves, which can add to the office’s untidy appearance. It is preferable to replace the plants periodically. An ignored plant pot can add an unattractive look to the office premises and therefore ensure they are also cleaned and sprayed.

Picture Frames.

A deep office cleaning is barely complete if you ignore things like the picture frames. Picture frames may have an accumulation of grimy film or small fingerprints or over time. If the pictures or frames are antiques or valuable in any way, ensured a professional Walnut Creek cleaning service cleans carefully them.

Printers and copy machines.

Modern printers and copiers are a lot faster than their older counterparts but can generate a lot of minuscule particles, which gather around these devices. Without a deliberate and careful cleaning by an expert, these particles can build up and could cause damages to the long-term functionality of the machine. Ensure that these items get proper attention during the next deep cleaning.


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