A lawn is a mandatory attribute of any garden space. It provides moisture, creates a microclimate, decorates and provides a background for all compositions located behind it. On the well-groomed grass, it is pleasant to walk barefoot. However, is it easy to grow lawn grass and then take care of it? After all, like any other plant, it also requires a certain amount of maintenance. Let’s try to understand this issue together.

 There are practically no garden and country plots without lawns. Maintaining it in a decent form is a troublesome and time-consuming task. You can avail local lawn care services in  St.Johns County, FL. Professionals have sufficient knowledge, tools, and technologies to take care of lawns and maintain them in all weather conditions.

  • Lawn Care in Spring

In spring, the lawn usually has a rather unpresentable appearance. It’s a natural process as all plants have such an appearance after winter. With proper care, it will quickly acquire a beautiful appearance. The first step is to clean the area. The next step is the aeration of the soil. After winter, the condition of the herbage worsens. Lawn grass, consisting of perennial grasses, has a robust root system, which forms a dense sod. Because of this, the roots do not receive enough moisture, nutrients, and oxygen. As a result, grass growth slows down; it fades, yellowness appears, and bald spots are formed. Professionals carry out aeration to prevent this from happening, and the lawn regains its green and attractive appearance.

Soil aeration is the piercing of the upper sod layer of the soil to a depth of approximately 10-15 cm. This improves the gas exchange between atmospheric and soil oxygen. The ground will be ventilated, and the roots become able to receive nutrients along with moisture. This will speed up the restoration of the grass cover. Aeration of the site becomes more manageable if you contact lawn mowing service in Mandarin Jacksonville, FL.

  • Lawn Care In Summer

If the lawn grows back more than 10 cm, it is necessary to mow the grass. It is carried out with a lawnmower, adjusting the cutting height of 5 cm. In the first half of summer, nitrogen fertilizers and irrigation are necessary for good lawn condition. As a nitrogen top dressing, use-

  • Ammonium nitrate,
  • Ammonium sulfate,
  • Urea (urea),
  • Nitrogen fertilizer turns green.

The lack of this element is manifested by the pale color of the grass and the appearance of bald spots on the lawn. Excess, on the contrary, causes uncontrolled growth of grass with a dark green hue. The grass becomes brittle, and the yard loses its presentable appearance. Therefore, when applying mineral nitrogen fertilizers, professionals strictly follow the instructions and observe the suggested dosages. In addition to mineral nitrogen fertilizers, the grass reacts well to organic fertilizers. For this purpose, they can use mullein, chicken droppings.

Watering system

This is the essential step in lawn care. Proper and timely irrigation will ensure a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, stimulate plant growth, and create a favorable microclimate. Lack of moisture manifests itself as follows:

  • The grass leaves start to curl up,
  • The grass rises for a long time after pressing down,
  • The grass wilts and turns yellow and
  • Bald spots appear.

They water their lawns with a drain hose, a circular sprinkler, a rotating sprinkler, and automatic irrigation systems. Watering is best done in the early morning. On a cool, windless morning before the heat sets in, the moisture on the leaves evaporates less and has time to dry out before the sun rises high. Evening watering is best carried out in the period from 16.00 to 18.00 hours.

  • Preparing The Lawn In Autumn For Winter

In the second half of August-early September, the lawn is mowed, fertilized for the last time. After that, you can let it live its life. Of course, the end of intensive care directly depends on the weather. Sometimes autumn is quite long and warm, and we don’t know when the first snow will fall. Therefore, you need to monitor the grass cover carefully and track the weather report. If the grass becomes overgrown, more than 10 cm, you need to mow it. It should go under the snow with a height of no more than 5 cm. Avail lawn mowing service in Mandarin Jacksonville, FL, to have a complete makeover of the lawn.


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