Music is soothing to our minds and body. According to research, students excel in their studies if they learn a musical instrument. Learning music instruments require focus of the entire body, and this way, our brain work in coordination.

If you have developed your interest in learning how to play a musical instrument, the next phase is to commit yourself to it. Every good musician will suggest that you can continue to train in order to succeed in your music journey. Piano Arlington Heights Music Academy offers music lessons to people of all ages. However, to learn to play an instrument precisely, one must take it as a responsibility.

Here are a few tips to consider before, during, and after each piano practice session.

  1. Listen to the Body

If you are eager to read the sheet music in front of you, make the angle right so that you can both play and read sheet music in coordination. If your back aches every time you sit down to practice, see if it has something to do with your body position. Pay attention to your body; if you feel something is not right, ensure that your hands properly hold a piano.

Note: Holding an instrument and positioning yourself plays a major role in learning any musical instrument. A wrong posture can damage the quality of learning.

  1. Make Practice Area Comfortable

Make sure the practice space is quiet and free from distractions so you can focus. Often, try changing your practice routine timely. E.g., during the summer, where the temperature is warmer, plan your piano training in the morning when it is colder. Over the season, and if possible, schedule the rehearsal time for the afternoons when it is colder.

  1. Do Not Hurry Your Piano Lessons

Bear in mind that each individual learns at a different level; some are fast learners, while others take longer to make progress. Do not be disappointed if you are making slower in your piano lessons than others.

Tip: The best musicians have attained their degree of success through persistence and patience. 

It is not about how easy you have learned to play a piece of music; it is about playing from your heart.

  1. Be Open to the Teacher

If you take individual or group Piano Lessons at Arlington Heights Music Academy or anywhere, ensure that you interact with your coach. Your instructor is a friend of yours; she is there to support you with your music lessons. Be accessible, and do not feel shy to get in contact with your music teacher whether you have trouble with a lesson or a piece of music.

Picking a music teacher/school is essential for a musical journey. If you are unsure which one is right for you, here are few useful recommendations for selecting a music instructor/academy.

  • Have suggestions. Ask your family, colleagues, and other credible sources if they know a decent music teacher in your area.
  • Talk with the instructor. Inquire about his/her qualifications, experience, and references. Ask about the fees, rules, training approaches, and everything relevant to the service he/she provides.
  • Ask if you should sit-in between lectures or attend recitals, if possible. Doing this will help you determine his/her interaction and approach with students.
  1. Take Care of the Instrument

Your piano will act as your companion while you continue to learn. Having a top-notch-quality piano is a must to learn music. If the keys do not work properly, they will not create good music.

Tip: Take note of your instrument; if you notice it has some issues, do not wait to have it tested immediately.

  1. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself would give you a spiritual boost and encourage you to learn more.

If you master a song or a single tone on your piano, give yourself a little pat on your shoulder. Embracing your musical journey will keep you going, and you will end up creating amazing tunes. Make a note of every song you have learned in the piano lessons at Arlington Heights Music Academy or elsewhere. Keep practicing your lessons to master your skills.

Learning a musical instrument is fun. However, it is essential to make continuous progress in this field; one must make his or her mind focused on the lessons. Keep learning your music lessons with zeal, and enjoy a musical journey.


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