AR-15 firearms are prevalent right now, and for a good reason. Their compact size makes them advantageous for shooting in confined spaces. They can be precisely stored in backpacks and bags, offering more functionality. With the proper ammo selection, they are excellent for self-defense. Plus, they are fun to accessorize.

However, an AR-15 is already very functional, but it performs even more effectively and accurately with the right accessories. Several accessories are made significantly to improve the accuracy of AR-15, and AR Reversible Handstopis one of them.

Stability is crucial when firing a rifle, which is why finding the proper grip for your shooting style is essential. Instead of directly gripping the barrel, an adequate grip gives you additional control and stability of the weapon. Hand stops are a must-have if you are planning on firing off many rounds.

This guide will learn why a hand stop is a valuable addition to your AR rifle. So, read on and get the reasonable accuracy needed for shooting.

Why you need AR Reversible Handstop?

A hand stop is a small piece of plastic that provides the back of your hand with something to rest on as you shoot. It allows for a direct barrel grip with significantly more control than only gripping the barrel and being more comfortable for the user. The primary advantage of hand stop-style grips is that they’re small and lightweight – they won’t unbalance your weapon.

Reversible Handstops are an excellent way to increase the shooting ability of an AR-15 by aiding in recoil control and enabling the user to use them as barrier stops.

According to ATF guidelines, it is illegal to mount a vertical foregrip on an AR pistol unless the firearm reaches a specific overall length. Hence, using a dedicated hand stop on your AR pistol should help you avoid any legal trouble. But the laws can change, and it is your responsibility to keep track.

A rifle can be used for commercial purposes, personal defense, or defending the entire nation. The grip over the weapon is an essential consideration, as even a tiny mistake can cost lives. AR Reversible Handstopis one of the front-end attachments that shooters can use as an alternative to rail.

AR Reversible Handstop adds a few ounces of pounds to the Rifle to control the gun. The grips are lighter in weight. However, it has storage areas that include additional features like bipods. Therefore, when adding functionality to your grip, the rifle hand stop gets the upper hand.

Furthermore, even though the AR Reversible Handstop looks fancy, it helps users attain control when they hold the Rifle. However, if the rifle shooter doesn’t have enough strength, it would be difficult for them to gain control over the rail, making the rifle hand stop ornamental.

A lot of AR grip manufacturers offer top-grade build quality, ergonomics, and aesthetics of Reversible Handstop. So, what you choose will likely come down to personal taste. If you rely on a trusted brand, you really can’t go wrong regardless of your choice.

What to consider when buying an AR grip?

The purpose of any AR grip is to allow you to operate a weapon safely and stably. But there are a few factors you should consider, as the intended use of some AR grips may not fit within your specific requirements.

Foremost, you have to make a decision based on the other components of your AR setup. For instance, if you use your AR-15 for personal defense or rely on your weapon as a duty firearm, you want to focus on getting a grip that is rugged enough to work in any situation and comfortable enough to make the shooting easier.

If your AR-15 is only a range gun or something you use only once and a while for fun, then you can probably forego some of those considerations and focus more on aesthetics and price.

Similarly, if you participate in competitions, your needs may be different. Either way, it’s essential that you do work for yourself and your particular style. Below is a list of various considerations you should make:

  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Palm swells and finger grooves

We hope the guide was helpful and comprehended the correct information required by you.


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