There are many different types of massage chairs available in the market nowadays. They come with other specs and unique features, so you need to be sure that you’re buying one that fits your needs. How do you know which one to pick?

Well, this article is here to provide some guidance on different types of infinity massage chairs and what they can offer for you.

Some of these massage chairs may also be considered zero gravity chairs, which means they help you achieve a reclined posture so your whole body can feel relaxed even without lying on the chair.

1) Massage Chairs with Heat

It is no surprise that massage chairs with heat are among the most popular ones. It is because it will help you relax and, at the same time, warm your muscles to prepare them for a massage session.

Some heated massage chairs also come with other features such as adjustable height so you can customize the chair according to your body size and preference.

2) Massage Chairs with Roller Massage

Roller massage chairs are also available in the market. They can be used to soothe your sore muscles and help you release stress through pressure points all over your body. Depending on the type of roller they use, some models may focus more on the feet or legs only, while some models may work on other parts of your body, too.

3) Massage Chairs with Heat and Rolling Massage

A Kahuna massage chair has both heating elements, and rolling massage is just perfect for you to use after a tiring day of work. These chairs can help you relax faster than regular ones because they will warm your muscles first before working on them.

4) Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Massage chairs that practice shiatsu is also available in the market. They may use rolling massage, but they’re more focused on striking pressure points with their knobs to help you release stress.

5) Air Compression Massage Chairs

These massage chairs are unique and may be out of the box for some people. Their features can help tone your muscles and improve blood circulation to make the massage process more effective. They may also come with attachments such as foot massagers, so you’ll get both a whole body and an ankle massage at once.

6) Vibration Massage Chairs

Some massage chairs also come with vibration features. They’re sometimes said to be the best massage chairs because they can stimulate blood flow and release stress in a matter of minutes.

They may provide better results than regular massage chairs, especially for people suffering from blood circulation problems or sensitive skin conditions.

7) Geta Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Shiatsu massage chairs that use Geta shiatsu style are becoming more popular lately. They are specifically designed for sensitive skin or poor blood circulation.

8) Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity chairs can be used by anyone to achieve a reclined posture and feel the full benefits of massage. They allow your whole body to relax, and therapists often use them during therapy sessions to get their clients fully settled.

9) Zero Gravity Massage Chairs with Heating Elements

It is no surprise that zero gravity chairs also come with heating elements to help you relax faster and feel the full benefits of massage. These types of massage chairs have become a lot more popular lately because they offer a whole-body experience in the comfort of your own home.

Top Features of a Therapeutic Massage Chairs

1) Power Nodes

Power nodes are knobs that infinity massage chairs use to apply pressure on your body. The type of power node they use will determine the amount of pressure they can provide, so always check which nodes come with a particular chair before purchasing.

2) Rollers

Rollers are used in most massage chairs, but shiatsu models may focus more on them. The number of rollers used in the chair affects how they perform, so always check their specifications before purchasing.

3) Heat

Before buying, make sure to check if the massage chairs you’re interested in coming with heating elements and what level of heat they provide. The heat they can provide may be different, and particular chairs may benefit more from them than the others.

4) Massage Styles

Before making a deal, make sure to check if the massage chairs you’re interested in come with unique features such as air compression or vibrations. Such features can help stimulate blood flow and release any stress you may have accumulated throughout the day, so always check which features massagers come with before purchasing.


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