The redwood lumber is derived from the redwood tree known scientifically as Sequoia sempervirens. It grows in northern California and is regarded as one of the tallest and largest trees in the world. Redwood lumber, being one of the best woods for construction, indoor furniture and so many more, is in high demand which makes it quite expensive to get. However, this doesn’t deter people from using it as it is evident that redwood lumber is worth its weight in gold.

Qualities that make the Redwood Special

  • Elegance

Looking at the redwood lumber, one can’t but notice its elegance which is reflective in the decorative quality it possesses. Whether it is used in building construction or for indoor or outdoor furniture, the redwood lumber adds that vibrance you never knew you needed. If you’d like to buy redwood lumber, you could search for buy redwood lumber online or look for lumber shops around you.

  • Versatility

The redwood lumber is easy to work with which makes it most desirable among workers. Also, its versatility makes it suitable for a lot of applications so you don’t have to worry about the risk of buying the wrong lumber when you buy redwood lumber.

  • Durability

The redwood tree is one of the strongest trees gifted to us by nature. This is evident in the durability of redwood lumber. It produces a certain chemical that makes it resistant to insects, chemicals, and the elements. This makes it suitable for outdoor use with zero compromises on its appearance.

Applications of Redwood lumber

  • Decking

Being one of the best lumbers out there, the redwood lumber is regarded by some as the best wood for decking. When arranged, it lines up well without irregularities. Also, its durability makes it suitable for decking as it can withstand the elements without compromising its quality. Although it is expensive, its ability to last a lifetime makes it worth it. Also, contractors and estate managers favor redwood lumber as it increases the sale value of any building. While you are out to buy wood for your decking, do not forget that clear redwood lumber is the ideal choice.

  • Furniture

Due to the elegance and the decorative quality redwood offers, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. Its typical red vibrant color adds a touch of beauty to anywhere a piece of redwood furniture is placed. When used for bed frames, its natural beauty adds an aura that promotes a high taste and a feeling of sophistication. Also, the redwood’s odor can be described as nothing short of pleasant and relaxing. If you’d like to add that bit of decoration while keeping that furniture as simple as possible, then you should go for the clear redwood lumber.

  • Structural beams

The redwood is strong, long, and resistant to the elements which make it suitable as a structural beam. Also, its availability in long lengths takes out the need to combine two beams during construction. In addition, it resists shrinking and doesn’t warp which makes it suitable as a long-lasting structural beam. if you’d like to get lumber that would stand the test of time, then you should buy redwood lumber.

  • Bender boards

One of the reasons why people Buy Redwood Lumber is because it can be used as bender boards. Bender boards are used in landscaping and you would notice them in home gardens, side-walks and so many more. Due to its durability and resistance to elements, redwood can serve well as bender boards with no reduction in quality and appearance.

  • Wall trims

Redwood serves well as trims due to its ability to resist warping or shrinking. You can use it as a trim being rest assured that it is going to retain its aesthetics for as long as you use it. Also, you don’t have to worry about splits and cracks as the redwood is immune to all of this. If you’d like to get redwood lumber, you can Buy redwood lumber online or at any lumber shop close to you.


Redwood lumber is regarded as a premium wood due to its versatility. Although a lot of people think it is expensive, it is good to know that every redwood lumber you buy is worth its weight in gold. Now the question shouldn’t be why you would use the redwood lumber, but why not.


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