This blog content is concise but an in-depth exposition and guide to the exquisite Edwardian jewelry class. Out of the Edwardian jewelry class, comes the Emerald earrings which are some of the best elegant sold online. Other types of Edwardian jewelry are waist-length pearl necklaces, diamond brooches and others.

A brief exposition to the history of the Edwardian Jewelry

The Edwardian era back then in Europe was a time of frivolity, lavish, and wealth for the upper classes, led by the luxury-loving King Edward VII. Edward’s love for all things expensive and classy led him to venturing into jewelry. Together with his magnificent coronation, which was attended by royalty and aristocracy from around the world; everyone trying to compete with one another, everyone wanted to look more affluent and elegant than the other.

In Edward’s love for jewelry and everything elegant, he approached Cartier, a jewelry line established in the 20th century to start supplying him jewelry. The Cartier brand became more popular and successful as a result of this new deal with King Edward VIII. Cartier’s approach to jewelry making was very innovative and fashion-driven. It is evident in pieces such as emerald earrings and other platinum Edwardian products sold online. Cartier started the trend of using platinum in Edwardian jewelry, sparking white on white trend that would last until the start of World War 1.

Materials and Techniques Employed

The Edwardian jewelry class is delicate, pretty and expertly designed by craftsmen using valuable, durable materials like platinum and diamonds. In a move against machine-made jewelry, hand-crafted jewelry was back in fashion and the style became metaphysical and detailed, drawing inspiration from the 18th century jewelry designs. Traditional motifs such as bows, garlands, ribbons and lace took over. Edwardian fashionistas particularly loved the intricate style of these delicate-looking pieces.

Platinum, which became popular at the turn of the century, was used a great deal in Edwardian jewellery because it was strong enough to create the lighter, mille grained and diamond-encrusted ‘lace’ jewellery which so complimented the fashionable, feminine pastels of the time.

Thanks to the founding of the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd in 1888, diamonds were also widely available and relatively affordable in the Edwardian era. Jewellery of the time often incorporated several diamond cuts in one design, as new gemstone cuts were introduced.

However, in the Edwardian era pearls were the real status symbol as they were more valuable than diamonds at the time. The size and quality of the pearls were important. These luminous stones were in keeping with the delicate ‘white’ theme of Edwardian jewellery, and many pieces like the emerald earrings incorporated both diamonds and pearls.

‘Invisible settings’ (where diamonds appeared to float on the skin) and lace-like filigree settings (where fine metal thread and tiny metal beads were used to create an ornate design) were popular, in line with the light, ethereal styles preferred by society women.

Popular Styles of the Edwardian Jewelry

Inspired by the abundance of glamourous events at Buckingham Palace, sparkling diamond and pearl filigree tiaras were fashionable in the Edwardian Era. Another popular but more relaxed style was to wear a bandeau with a feather aigrette.

The aforementioned era evolved into necklines that we’re revealing following the conservative Victorian era, giving much importance to necklaces. Styles of this era included the popular “colliers de chien” of dog collars which could be made from a rib on adorned with a brooch or precious stone. Or it could be a series of pearl strings attached together to make a ‘choker.’ The choker is more popular in the Edwardian jewelry class which is why it is still very much a bling today.

There are also popular long necklaces that were in form of pearl chains. These pearl chains were worn full length, below the waistline. Sautoirs, as they were called are made of long rooms of pearls or beads with a fringed tassel at either end were wrapped in full proportions around the neck.

There are also rings and bracelets collections from the Edwardian jewelry class. The rings in particular are sparkly, pretty, ornate affairs and original rings from that time make extremely fine engagement rings today.  One thing us for sure, no matter how long the history of the Edwardian jewelry and emerald earrings is, it is still a high-end option for classy and elegant events.


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