The only thing that trumps a blazer is a suit. It’s a joy for any gentleman to peruse his wardrobe and pinpoint the shirt and tie they would like to wear. Once the ensemble is ready, shoes and socks are finalized mentally. If you notice European trends, they experiment a lot more than North Americans from the US. They like matching stripes with abstract patterns or geometric shapes and mixing multiple colors. Often, it’s difficult to judge if they’ve dressed nicely or have a screw loose to match orange and green with brown!

If you live in a cold climate and wear suits often, add a blazer to your wardrobe. It’s a pleasant surprise to see someone exceptionally well-dressed with a sports coat or blazer. Some say if you want to buy suits to impress everyone you know, then buy a branded suit. People in some professions are lucky that they are recommended to wear only charcoal gray or black suits. You can wear almost anything with these and rock the board meeting. However, people in BFSI prefer a white shirt and a conservative tie to match.

A lot can go wrong when wearing a suit, but if you get it right, you might be the one bringing new accounts to your business. Wearing a coat with broad lapels and a slim tie looks terrible. You should buy quality men’s blazers online and add another suit to your collection that has style and quality. People who dig t-shirts sometimes pair them with a suit. If you are that kind of person, wear a t-shirt without a graphic. A light blue suit looks spiffy with a powder pink t-shirt.

Denim and wool 

What can be slightly difficult is choosing what to carry with your blazer before traveling for numerous days. The classic blue blazer was almost always worn with gray trousers and a white shirt with a red tie. What was an alternative fashion statement became mainstream when fashion pundits started wearing jeans with their blazers. It started as conservative blue jeans, but people have started to wear multiple colors and ripped jeans with their blazers over the years. Interestingly, blazers themselves have morphed into various fabrics and colors. The best place to buy quality men’s blazers online is stores with a hand-picked collection.

Bertolini! Fontini! Vincenzi!

You can start a cult following for a little-known fashion designer, brand, or clothing store. Some people are born with a scissor and measuring tape in their hands. Watch them tailor suits and blazers that can make anybody look sharp dressed. People will want to know who you are with the perfect tie. Don’t take any of your accessories lightly, and ensure you have matched the socks with your suit or shirt. If you have difficulty in finding shirts of the right color with your suits, keep a bunch of stylish white shirts. Most people these days visit an online store and buy everything to ensure their suits and ties can be in proper color coordination. Until a few years ago, we had people wearing shirts and ties of the same color, but now you should match different colors. Many people feel because they’re wearing a black shirt, anything can be worn as a lower and accessories. Optimize your black shirts with a gray tie instead of yellow or red.

The takeaway

Since pocket squares have replaced ties in most people’s wardrobes, you should buy some style and high-quality blazers and suits online. A couple of online stores can deliver your list from the shopping cart the next day. Without leaving town, you will be wearing suits and shoes from talented designers in Italy and other parts of the world based on their skills. Sometimes you need to shop online without anybody’s second opinion. Many people across the globe would rather wear a blazer than a suit because it’s not always practical to travel with a coat and pant. Trousers required to match a blazer are usually gray or khaki, but now are available in any color and various fabrics. Whatever blazer or suit you buy today or tomorrow should be good quality and have style.


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