Recreating beautiful artwork gives a sense of rejuvenation. It helps one take a break from monotonous life and explore their creative side. People can engage in several forms of artwork. Painting is one of the most sought-after creative works that have endless branches. It is not limited to canvas. One can show their creativity in fabric, wall, glass, wood, and cement using Unicorn spit stain. It is a creative and enjoyable way to redesign your old furniture or any other item at home.

If you want to keep the shine alive of your wooden furniture, interior, or cabinet, Odie’s oil is the solution for you. It provides a fantastic finish and is quite easy to apply, even for a beginner. Also, one can easily wipe over it while cleaning. One of the finest oils and waxes is used to create Odie’s oil, which provides long-lasting protection to wooden surfaces. The oils and wax used are found naturally in plants and protects them from insects, bio-organisms, and fungi. Since these oils and wax evolve from wood, they are highly suitable for wooden items. One must stay Odie’s oil at home to keep their wooden things as new as before.

Unicorn spit stain

A concentrated gel stain, Unicorn spit, can be added with paint or water. It creates a stain, glaze, antique tint, or whitewash and adds a beautiful touch to glass, metal, wood, pottery, fabric, concrete, laminate, and wicker. They are an excellent item for people interested in art and craft, and one can create a new craft project or refurbish their home items using Unicorn spit stain.

This paint is water-based, completely non-toxic, and has a pleasant smell. So, even a child can use it without contracting any allergies. Go beyond painting the canvas and add colors to objects like metal, glass, wood, and fabric using this paint. One can either use it in concentrated form or add water according to the requirement of the project. People often use it like a stain, a glaze, a tint, or simply as a water-based finish.

unicorn spit stain

If you want opaque paint, start using Unicorn spit stain right from the bottle. One can also coat it twice to provide heavier coverage. Using it in place of gel or watercolor will give extra shine to your work. Or, you can mix them with traditional colors to give your project a traditional look. To get better results, mix the unicorn stain with water, apply them on the surface of any item and leave them to dry for a while. A beautiful and shiny finish will come up.

Odie’s Oil

One of the most natural and effective ways to revive the old wooden furniture or any other wooden items of your home is by applying Odie’s oil on them. It combines technology and ancient method to bring back the shiny finish of a wooden surface.

With no toxic solvents, hardeners, or driers, one must stay with Odie’s oil to refurbish their wooden items. If you have a pet or a child who has the habit of picking things from the surface and putting them inside their mouth, Odie’s oil will pose no harm to them. It is one of the most convenient finishes to use and maintain for a long time. There is no need to apply multiple coatings of Odie’s oil. A little bit of oil finishing, and you are good to go.

The pores of wooden items completely saturate Odie’s oil into them without leaving any space for moisture, stain, or sand. The process of drying is pretty quicker than the other finishes. So, one can start using their furniture as soon as they are done with the finishing. Since it requires only one coating, buying Odie’s oil won’t put a dent in your pocket as one bottle of oil will last for a long time.


Everybody loves experimenting with their home decors. Some think they have good taste and mostly like to do the designing on their own. All they need is a little push, and Unicorn spit stain and Odie’s oil are the perfect resort for all the creative minds. So, start giving your old furniture a new look with these innovative items.


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