Bentley toddler car is the brainchild of the most prestigious and expensive car brand- The Bentley company.  A highly qualified design engineer, Walter Owen Bentley, established this company in 1919. Bentley cars are famous for their appealing design, a wide range of color patterns, and useful features. The same goes for the mini version of the vehicle. Such a car is a valuable gift for all kids. Let’s know more about this luxurious toddler car.

Toddler Motors Bentley Continental GT

  • Safety Features

The safety of kids is important. So, Bentley has emphasized this aspect very much. Bentley toddler cars are well-equipped with well-protected electrical components, anti-skid tires, safety belts, and other useful features that ensure the kids’ safety when they are being taken to cars. All these features give parents peace of mind.

  • Lighting Effects: Front And Rear Lights

Features of the light of front and rear lights provide the lamp’s location relative to its reflector and the pattern on its glass, and the placement of the headlight on the vehicle. Rain, fog, or heavy snow, a conventional passing beam reduces the efficiency of public lights. These two lights help you control the kid’s cars quickly and let them have a pleasant ride.

  • Remote Control

It is an essential function for monitoring the kid’s movements. If you suddenly notice that the toddler is trying to drive away from you, you can use this remote control to bring him closer. The system works on your instructions. You can take a U-turn, stop, and start the car using the remote and let the toddler have fun.

  • Additional “body kits.”

Your child will be delighted if his/her new car turns out to be as similar as possible to the real one. Therefore, the presence of working headlights, turn signals, a shock absorption system, a warning signal, and mirrors for viewing is important. Of course, you will have to pay a little more to get a high-value toddler car.

  • Excellent Wheel Material

The wheels in cheap car models are made of plastic and are not always stable on the road. If you keep long-term needs in mind, buy a Bentley toddler car with rubber wheels. This way, the car will not skid around corners. It will be stable on almost any surface.

  • Excellent Battery Voltage And Capacity

Remember, the battery voltage affects the car’s number of driving wheels. There are batteries with a voltage of 6 V, which allows you to make one or two wheels leading. Such cars are well suited for driving on smooth asphalt surfaces, but they will slip on vicious ground or off-road. Batteries with a voltage of 12 V are more powerful. Cars with them can be all-wheel drive. You can conquer any obstacles on such toys and arrange your rally. The battery capacity determines when the electric car will work without recharging. Manufacturers usually indicate this parameter immediately in the technical documentation. Some models can drive for up to 150 minutes on a single charge.

  • Maximum Speed

The Bentley car has an adjustable setting for speed. You can adjust the speed setting as per your needs. Try to choose a slower model if possible. Some models can move at a speed of about 16km/h. Ideally, you should select a model with a maximum speed limit of 4km/hr as it becomes easier to handle a toddler’s movements.

  • Well-furnished Doors

Electric cars for kids are available with opening doors and with solid ones. It is better to choose those cars where the doors are stable so that he/she is protected during the trip. Just remember that kids always want their electric cars to be as similar to real cars.

Bentley Exp 12 Ride-on Assembly gives immense pleasure to toddlers. Bentley Toddler Car is a perfect choice if you want to gift something valuable to your kid. Stylish design, great features, attractive prices, and ease of operation-all these features will win your heart.


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