Sometimes when you want to relax after a long day or are looking to pass the time at home, taking weed can help you unwind. With the wide variety of weed strains available today, you’re sure never to have a boring moment.

Enjoy wild berry skittles flavors or sour skittles to tickle your taste buds. Many different methods can help you enjoy your weed flowers at home, with or without extra tools. Depending on your preference, you might like a specific way over the other ones.

Before trying out different methods to enjoy your weed flowers, make sure that the weed strain you are using is to your liking. The flavor and aroma of the strain can also be affected by the different methods you utilize to enjoy it.


Inhaling your weed flower by combustion is one of the most popular ways of enjoying your weed. You can smoke your weed by rolling a joint using rolling papers or buying a premade joint.

You can also use glass or plastic bongs and pipes to smoke your weed. Many people have also used hookahs and household items to make a gravity bong. You have the option of mixing tobacco with your weed flower to decrease the potency with these methods.

You can also inhale your weed flower using a vaporizer. A vaporizer heats the weed flower just below the combustion point, producing less marijuana aroma when inhaled.

You can also use the dabbing technique to transfer your weed flower to an oil form and then smoke it. Depending on the tool you’re using for inhalation, they can have different effects on your body and can taste a little different.


Eating or drinking food items with your weed flower infused in them can have a completely different effect on your body when compared to inhalation. You can try out edibles like skittles, wild berry, tropical-flavored sweets like Fruit Gushers and Nerds.

You may make edibles at home from the weed flowers you have or are planning to buy. There is a wide selection of recipes you can try out. By infusing your weed flower in high-fat ingredients like olive oil or butter, you can retain the original flavor of the weed and use it in a variety of dishes.

Weed butter has been traditionally used in desserts like brownies, apple pie, cakes, and fudge. If you’re feeling particularly inventive, you could even try making your very own weed-infused chocolate, which can be used in dishes or eaten alone.

Alcoholic Weed drinks can also be made at home, along with tea and flavored milk. While this is a lengthier process than smoking, the effect can last longer in your body depending upon your tolerance.

You can also find other edibles in weed shops like wild berry skittles, flavors of Fruit Gushers, and Sweetarts if you don’t want the hassle of making dishes with weed flowers.

Other Methods

While smoking and making food from weed flowers are the most common ways of letting it enter your bloodstream, there are other uncommon methods as well. You can try making oil from your weed flowers and ingest that directly.

Making tinctures using fat-soluble liquids along with the weed flowers is also an effective way of enjoying your weed flower at home. You can use this in a spray version, too, by directly using it underneath your tongue.

Enjoy Your Weed Flowers at Home in the Best Way Possible

There is a multitude of unique methods that you can try out at home to enjoy your weed flowers. Depending on the variant and potency of the strain, you may experience a different effect each time from a different method.

You can find many varieties of edibles for weed, too, like skittles wild berry, tropical candies like Sweetarts, and much more at stores that specialize in everything related to marijuana.

Different strains of weed to wax concentrate, candies, clothes, and accessories that let you enjoy your weed flower, make your experience richer each time.

Find the perfect way to calm your mind and unwind from the stress of a long day by using your weed flowers in new and innovative ways that let you experience the flavor and aroma of your strain perfectly.


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