Do you not love wrapping up into a fine, warm, and cozy blanket in the chilling winters while sipping your coffee? Blankets and throws certainly add a stylish and sophisticated touch to any living room, couch, or bedroom. Apart from providing warmth and comfort, high-quality blankets, rugs, throws add elegance and appeal to the home decor. Whether you want to buy a blanket for winter or make your living room stylish, blankets can be the perfect addition to any home decor. However, all of the different fabrics and patterns can make you a little confused. Therefore, we’ve picked the most popular blanket types so you can find the perfect blanket for your home decor.

Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa blanket’s special lightweight synthetic material makes it a must-have piece for your bedroom and living room. The soft, feather-light, and fluffy blanket offers a smooth flannel feeling and the plush comfort of soft fuzzy throw blankets. Sherpa blankets are prepared with premium materials to keep you warm during chilling winters.


Comforter is a cozy, quilted, fluffy blanket that is neither too heavy nor too light. These blanket types are stuffed using a quilted synthetic fiber and are long-lasting, warm, and properly stitched to keep the fill evenly spread out, years after years. Comforters can also be used in the monsoon season when the nights get chilly and windy.


Duvets are quite lightweight and made from materials such as down, feathers, polyester, or cotton. Unlike comforters, a duvet doesn’t require frequent washing. You have to wash its cover. Moreover, duvets are lighter and more comfortable than comforters and are used as the topmost bedding layer to keep the bed warm and cozy.


Chenille is derived from a French term for ‘caterpillar’ because it looks like a furry caterpillar. The material used in these blankets consists of cotton, acrylic, and rayon. Chenille blankets provide a soothing, vintage, and soft touch to the bedroom and are often used as a plush toddler blankets.

Knitted blankets

You can find Knitted blankets in different patterns and styles, but they consist of fringes and textured style. Cotton, wool, or acrylic are some of the common materials used in these blankets. Knitted blankets give a luxurious touch to a couch or a king-sized bed.

Final Verdict

Now that we have shared everything you wanted to know about the blankets, from plush toddler blankets to soft fuzzy throw blankets, there are so many alternatives to pick from. Just forget everything else and get a cozy and stylish piece to your living room or bedroom now.


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