Patches are used worldwide, and people know various ways to style them on their outfits, bags, and hats. Nowadays, many manufacturers offer custom-made patches online for buyers. One can share the idea with the designer and get his or her patch ready as required.

You wish to make your unique patches for various purposes. However, if you do not have an idea of the artwork, you may find it difficult to express your design to the manufacturer.

Here are few tips that will help you to curate your custom-made patches online for your purpose.

Be Reasonable:

The foremost thing is to realize what you want to convey with high-quality custom patches. If it is for your brand, try to embed your business logo to deliver the message. Likewise, you can customize as many ideas as you require on a custom patch from a renowned manufacturer.

Design & Concept:

Every patch starts with an idea. The idea must be realistic that everyone can find it appealing and practical. Logos are designed to highlight the patches. For instance, the logo can be a fighter plane, a cartoon character, or a sailing ship.

The logo on the high-quality custom patches reflects the theme of a business or a purpose. If you are buying patches for your sports team, customize various patches with each player’s names.

Try to keep your patch style simple; if you use too much information on a patch, it may lose its message. Create a rough image, quote, or sketch and send it to the manufacturers of custom-made patches online. Manufacturers and distributors have a team of designers who can reflect your objective on a patch.

If you find it difficult to draw an idea on a paper for custom patches, consult with patch making company and describe an idea verbally.

Shape & Size:

The high-quality custom patches come in various shapes like square, circular, heart shape, triangle, rectangular, oval, and the list goes on. Patch-making companies commonly use oval and square shapes. Embedding the text and logo on these shapes is comparatively easy than the rest of the forms.

There is no restriction in deciding the shape and size for a custom patch. If you need to customize the patch for a handbag, you may require a larger patch to highlight it correctly. Moreover, if you need to sew a patch on a hat, you will require smaller size custom-made patches online.

No matter what shape and size you choose, the custom patch maker company will put all its efforts into making the desired patch.


The most popular style of patches is the embroidered patches that are created using twill fabric. Thousands of threads are sewed for giving a raised design of a logo, text, or image on the material.

Woven patches use threads similar to embroidered patches. However, the woven patches style uses thinner lines as compared to embroidered patches. Many materials are used in making custom patches for business. Manufacturers also offer options to buyers in selecting the fabric of their choice.

Choose the material of your high-quality custom patches carefully. The material plays a significant role in highlighting the text, logo, colors, and image on the patch correctly.


The patches come with various types of backing that make it easy to paste or sew on the desired outfit.

PVC: The custom-made PVC patches available online are soft and flexible in nature. They are easy to sew on fabric or paste on the fridge or almirah. PVC patches regain their shape and size for many years.

Stick-on: Many patches come with stick-on backing. All you need to do is remove the cover from behind and stick the patch where you require. These styles of backing patches are long-lasting and are used for various purposes.

Iron-on: These types of patch backing require no sewing. They can be easily pasted on any fabric using hot iron for about two minutes over the patch. Read all the instructions carefully before applying this type of backing patch to avoid any consequences.

If you run a business or coach a sports team, buying custom-made patches online is convenient. You can promote your business with custom patches designed with your brand logo, or you can boost the confidence of your team players with motivational patches. Whatever your motive is, you can deliver a message that people will love to follow with high-quality custom patches.


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