C10 Pro damping kit has its own importance as it covers the top of the firewall, the floor, and the back wall. The 2mm sound and vibration dampening products by Vibrosolution use mass loading to lower panel resonance and play a big part in absorbing structural vibrations to convert them into low-level heat. Now you won’t be listening to nasty rattles; eliminate road and outside noise while driving.

This move will automatically enhance the sound of the car audio stereo system. FYI, the top-quality C10 Pro dampening kit comes with supercharged adhesives in the polymeric-based damping material. It is incredibly efficient in converting vibration to thermal energy by applying pro dampening material on material surface and military-grade composition.

Buying a C10 pro dampening kit from Vibrosolution is quite flexible as it is essential to the installer and allows to adhere in the best way with the countered panel. You can install this product anywhere on the vehicle, but don’t forget to apply it within door panels both inner and out and roof to get voice dampening material appropriately facilitated. There’s no doubt that Vibrosolution sound and vibration dampening is the first choice of car audio companies. The kit has essential adhesives and foam rolls that help provide an exclusive voice dampening effect quickly.

C10 pro dampening kit by Vibrosolution can be of great help altogether as it’s the brand that provides authentic products in black. First of all, we talk about three boxes of 2mm Vibrodamping material that cover everything from the top of the firewall to the back wall. This helps to dampen the outer voice that intrudes in the car cabin through open crevices. The other essential element in the kit, named 6 mm vibroinsulator comes in a 30 sq. ft box, 100 % waterproof foam. The product is installed on top of 2 mm foil to add additional sound and heat insulation.

The product is a 7 mm back wall sound insulator that comes in a box of 8.9 sq ft. The product is designed and tested as a two-in-one solution for sound dampening and acoustic sound absorption. We have engineered this product for C10, which has proved to be effective in soundproofing the car cabin so that you can experience the best car audio sound performance. Alongside this, there is one roll of 80 ft black adhesive tape for taping the seams for the final clean touch. Other than this, Mastic High Adhesive, 0.1mm BLACK Aluminium Top Panel, Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top.

All in all, every product purchased at Vibrosolution stands to a huge expectation, and the buy C10 pro dampening kit is not different from others. It’s like you need to place an order online and place the discount coupon code to get the equipment at the best possible price.


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