For cigar aficionados, they tend to use the smoke a lot. But medical studies have shown that this is very health-damaging. As an alternative to smoking, caffeine toothpicks come in very handy.  With caffeine toothpicks, you can enjoy the stimulating effect of nicotine in smokes without necessarily inhaling smokes. Many do not know this but behold, you now know this! Very quality and recommended caffeine toothpick that is an alternative to frequent smoking is the Zippix Caffeine toothpicks.

Zippix is the socially-acceptable smoking alternative; you should try their toothpicks out! How does Zippix Work?

With over 20 years of satisfying nicotine cravings, Zippix simply works! Each toothpick is infused under pressure with delicious flavor and 2 or 3mg of nicotine. By placing the toothpick between your cheek and gum, you expose the infused ingredients to the perfect spot for absorption into the blood stream.

Zippix is a time-released sublingual delivery system developed by custom-compounding pharmacists to satisfy your cravings fast. The toothpick also supports oral gratification with great flavor to mask the bitterness of nicotine, and leaves you with fresh breath.Enjoy a pack of zippix caffeine toothpicks and joins the numerous smokers who have tried everything, and found Zippix as the most effective, affordable nicotine substitute available!

Let us have a look at some of this alternative to smoking toothpicks.

ZipEnergy Caffeine Toothpicks:

It works as a great as a snack replacement – because they have zero calories and the cinnamon flavoring is an appetite suppressant. Importantly, they are perfect to use after meals – the Vitamin B12 in the caffeine toothpicks helps convert food to energy

Say goodbye to drowsy afternoons at work with ZipEnergy, and let the infused B12 and Caffeine power you through the day.  These ZipEnergy Toothpicks come in our delicious Cinnamon/Spearmint Flavor.ZipEnergy Toothpicks particularly do not contain nicotine; this is for energy stimulation basically. If you are looking for what might energize you upon quitting smoking. Try some ZipEnergy Caffeine Toothpicks today and say goodbye to that drowsy feeling!

Zippix Ultimate Flavor Bundle | (120 Nicotine Toothpicks)

The Ultimate Flavor Bundle is best and most cost effective way to try all 6 of our nicotine toothpicks flavors! This 120 toothpick bundle consists of:

20 Cinnamon Flavored Toothpicks

20 Mocha Flavored Toothpicks

20 Peppermint/Watermelon Flavored Toothpicks

20 Sweet Whisky Flavored Toothpicks

20 Sweet Wood Flavored Toothpicks

20 Spice Island Clove Flavored Toothpicks

Revolutionary Zippix Caffeine Toothpicks are a socially acceptable alternative that lets you get your nicotine fix anywhere!

The revolutionary Zippix Toothpicks product is a long-lasting alternative that satisfies nicotine cravings and provides oral gratification. Perfect for use in public places, the office or job site, or around children and family… Zippix sticks are socially acceptableanywhere and at any time.

Zippix Toothpicks are FDA Registered, available in 6 delicious flavor choices.They begin their unique sublingual nicotine delivery within seconds and are long-lasting, making Zippix a very affordable nicotine alternative. Just chew on the toothpick and enjoy

So, it is obvious that caffeine-infused toothpicks can be very effective as an alternative to smoking. The fact is that many cigar aficionados want to quit smoking but are still struggling because they can’t seem to find what would satisfy them like cigars. Well, caffeine-infused toothpicks are here; it so simple and easy to use.

In getting a zippix toothpick, here are answers to some questions that might be bothering your mind.

Are Caffeine toothpicks safe?

We cannot make any health or safety claims regarding nicotine toothpicks. Nicotine is highly addictive chemical. Please consult your doctor for more information.

How much nicotine is in a Caffeine toothpick?

Each of our toothpicks contains either 2mg or 3mg of nicotine.

Where can I buy Zippix Caffeine toothpicks?

Great news, you can buy them right here on the website! Click Here to view and purchase Zippix Toothpicks.

Do Caffeine toothpicks work?

Yes! Zippix caffeine Toothpicks will allow you to get your nicotine fix anytime, anywhere. Even in places where you can’t smoke, dip or vape.

What flavors does Zippix offer?

We have 6 great flavors you’re sure to love. Mocha is a smooth chocolate flavor that goes great with your morning coffee. Cinnamon is an invigorating burst of spearmint and cinnamon. Mint/Melon pairs the classic taste of peppermint with a refreshing hint of watermelon. Sweet Whisky toothpicks taste like they were crafted right from the cask of your favorite bourbon batch. Spice Island Clove is an incredibly rich flavor that reminds you of tropical island spices. Sweet Wood contains only Nicotine (3mg) and Sweetener, making it sweet with a slight bite.


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