Looking for a car body repair shop in LA, then Grand Prix motors should be your first choice for an auto care shop. With us, it’s a mix of experience and amazing craftsmanship. We also have the very best tools used for a car body repair.

At Grand Prix Motors, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, maintaining our integrity, and sustaining the lifespan of your car. Also, beyond car body repair, we offer unbeatable auto repair services such as oil change, a car check-up, tire rotation, and so much more.

Bringing your car to us is an investment. You’re sure it’ll be done perfectly and to your satisfaction. Let’s see some of the reasons why you can bring your car for either bodywork or auto repair.

Why Choose Us?

Regular car care is much better than emergency care. You shouldn’t allow your car to get ruined before you look for an auto repair or car body repair shop. We can always help you maintain and service your car regularly.

We have over 50 years of experience in the automobile industry and so with us, you’re almost certain your car is in the right hands. Not every car shop in LA can specialize in both body repair and auto repair. But with us, that’s not the case.

We have well-experienced hands to work your car. We treat every car like it’s ours because your satisfaction is our satisfaction too. We’re located in downtown LA, not so far from the art district. Either that or you can access us from 10 freeway.

Our Services

We offer both auto repair and car body repair services. However, for either of these services, experience and expertise is such an important factor. Here’s a list of all the services you can get from us.

Auto Repair Services

As a car owner, there are a few things you should look out for when it comes to an auto repair service. Some auto repair services your car might need are:

  • Break services: A brake repair service is a routine service that auto repair shops and mechanics offer. Whether you’re just checking your breaks or replacing your brake pad, we’ll ensure your car brake system performs well as it should
  • Oil change: Every car needs an oil change at least after every thousand miles. It’s a common service performed on a car that helps keeps your car in good shape

auto repair services

  • Tire rotation: It does not take long for your car tires to get worn out. They’re your car legs except that they need replacement. A few tire services you can get from us are – tire patching, tire replacement, and tire rotation

Car Body Repair Services

We offer great car body repair services to our customers round the clock. Some of the services you’d get are:

  • Bodywork: If your car has dents, scratches, or scuffs caused by either collision or accidents, then you’re just at the right place. We’ll fix your vehicle so well that you won’t notice there was a dent
  • Custom work: We are best at customizing cars. We offer aerodynamic body kit services, wheels, engine performance services, custom – fitment, and so much more
  • Fixing your car without painting does not always look so good. Because we’re professionals and would always want to give you the very best, we also offer complete paint jobs, moldings, and every other part of your car that needs painting

Just as you’d want what’s best for your machines, taking care of your care can be very profitable for you. An experienced auto repair and car body service can help your car last longer and perform better than it should.

In addition to all of the services mentioned above, we also offer glass repair services. We are your one-stop shop for every and any automobile issue you might have. Bring your car to our shop today and let us work our magic.


Rebrand your car, let it look good, and serve you better. We have everything you’ll need to make your car function well as it ought to. You can always reach out to us to book an appointment. Perhaps you want to view our online store to see more of the services we offer, then you can click here. Let us offer you the best service you’ll ever get in the whole of LA.


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