Of all the pets, canines and felines are adorable. They become part of the family sooner than you can imagine. People who love and dote on cats and dogs as pets can never feel lonely. All the time, they keep thinking about the cat bed and cat food, and having a cat as a pet spreads so much peace and tranquillity around.

You can keep your cat safe and healthy in much more creative ways. You can have your cat corner where your furry pet can snuggle and cuddle whenever it feels like taking a nap. There is a whole variety of ‘cat food’ available in the market, and most of you vouch for its nutritional value. So, that’s not any problem at all. You can get the best cat food delivered to your doorstep. You can get your cat vaccinated, too, to keep it safe from seasonal influences. Always have a Veterinary Doctor in your loop if you care for your pets- Cats especially.

The average age of a cat is less. Nature designed it that way, and you have to take it in your stride. On average, a cat lives for almost 6 to 8 years. It also has to do with the breed of the cat. But if you take proper care and get window/door cages done to keep your cat safe and indoors, the cat might live almost double its lifespan.

If the cat has to meet its predators, then the chances of its survival become meager, and it is obvious. But if the cat is thoughtfully given freedom, i.e., taking it for a walk or allowing it to stroll for a while, only tell how much you love your cat.

Many DIY Cat door/window cages can get installed or Do-it-Yourself by following some simple steps suggested by the cat-lover community.

You might be wondering what a Catio is. A Catio is an enclosure (or cage) that is constructed to keep your cat safe, and at the same time, ensure that it gets its freedom. The Catio can be a small box attached to the outside of the window for the cat to catch a glimpse of the surroundings. It can be in line with the door extending outwards so that the cat can walk out and feel the sunshine while still being in the safe zone.

Catios can be as big as the patio itself, having many compartments and areas constructed considering the comfort your cat needs. Catio DIY plans are available on reputed websites that deal with cat cages and cat safety measures. These Catio DIYs are incredible and will enable you to provide comfort and freedom to your feline friend while thinking about its safety.

DIY Catio plans and cat enclosures are becoming popular. Because a Catio gives your cat freedom to explore the outer world by listening to bird songs, smelling honey, the scent of flowers, feel the wafting breeze, and also see other moving animals while staying cozy inside its beautiful dwelling. It is not to be seen as snatching away freedom from the cute, little furry pet. But you’re allowing it to live its life fully and in gay abandon.

Catio DIYs are inundating the internet world. Some enthusiasts want to share your creativity with you to get a Catio done. You can type Catio DIY in the Google search bar and see so many Catio community members up there demonstrating their skill and creativity.

Most of the Catio DIYs suggest you use plywood. The basic Catio could be a cozy small box. A bigger Catio can be as big as a room itself. So, considering the dimensions of the Catio is very important.

If your apartment is small, then a window Catio is the best option. This cute little, creatively done box will let your cat wait outside to listen to the hawkers and birdsongs.

If you are living in a bigger dwelling, you can consider having a door Catio or a Catio built on your patio with multiple features to keep your cat entertained all the time.


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