Customized photo frames consist of several exciting elements such as moulding, glazing, mat, and backing. Preferring metal or wood materials in the customized options can add a definite wow factor to your interior. Whenever you decide to go for the customized option for framing a picture, make sure you choose the suitable material and a professional framer for it.

Putting picture frames on the wall can undoubtedly enhance a room’s beauty and decor. However, try not to pick cheap and low-quality ready-made frames for your photos as they can spoil your wall’s overall look and harm the art.

Our old memories help us recall the beautiful moments of our life. Thus, they deserve to be appropriately preserved through high-quality and durable framing.

Essential Components of Customer Picture Frames

Frame Moulding

The frame is the most common element of any custom framing solution. The frame is the type of ornamental edging that highlights the artwork’s beauty. When you choose a frame for the artwork, always prefer color and style that gives it an aesthetic touch but doesn’t divert the attention from the art or photograph.

Usually, people prefer wood for custom framing. If you want to give a classy look to your wall decor, you can consider choosing ebony, Mahogany, or veneered wooden frame. You can also prefer plastic, metal, or any other material for the frame.

The most important thing that makes customized picture frames unique from other ordinary frames is their design and perfect finishing.


Glazing is a front-facing glass that acts as a protective barrier between art and the outside atmosphere. It is usually transparent and formed from glass or acrylic. Glazing helps keep the art clean and protected from harsh weather conditions and dirt. You can find several glazing varieties, such as standard glass, non-glare, UV-protected glass, and so on.

Using quality glazing options help save your art from the UV rays, humidity, extreme heat, and dust. Moreover, using poor-quality glass for the artwork can lead to early aging and fading.

So, whenever you type the “custom picture framing near me” in Google, make sure to choose the right glazing option for the customized picture frame.


The matboard is an acid-free board usually located between the glass and artwork. It highlights the artwork and gives an artistic touch to the art. Choosing the right mat for your art is very important as it enhances the look of the art.

When you choose the wrong or poor-quality matboard for the art, it diverts the attention and makes the overall appearance dull. You can also choose mats in oval or rectangular forms to give a unique and stylish look to the picture frame.

Matboard is usually made from paper or cloth materials.

The color, quality, and matboard size help intensify the artwork’s overall beauty. If you are confused about choosing the correct mat board, you can contact a professional in a customized photo frame in Atlanta, GA, to help you out.


Professional custom picture framers use thick, strong, and acid-free cupboards and plywood to support the art from behind. It provides the required strength and comfort to the frame and fills gaps between the glazing and art. The selection of backing material varies based on the picture used for the frame.

This backing prevents dust and humidity from entering inside the frame. Choosing the wrong type of backing material can harm the entire art and lead to premature fading and damage.

Make sure when you look for “custom picture framing near me,” you keep all these points in mind. A good and professional will use high-quality, durable, acid-free backing to preserve your artwork for years.


Spacer’s role is to create space between the glazing and artwork. Spacer holds the glass on the painting or picture and prevents the contact of glazing and artwork. It eventually helps in protecting the artwork from potential damage.

Spacer comes with the option of matting and without matting. One must carefully pick a good-quality spacer for the photo frame to ensure its safety.

Taking the help of a professional in a customized photo frame in Atlanta, GA, can help you choose the correct spacer and photo frame for your painting or photograph.


A strainer is usually designed from wood and provides internal support to the picture frame. The strainer acts as the frame’s backbone and provides additional support, stability to the picture frame, and other elements. It is usually placed behind the artwork and fixed with screws to support the entire structure.

These are the essential components that complete a perfect customized photo frame, so next time you look for the best “custom picture framing near me,” it will help you make the right decision.

Till then, Happy Framing!






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