T-shirts are one type of clothing that will never go out of fashion. The garment fit might change every few years, but there is nothing trendier than a limited edition t-shirt. Established fashion houses charge hundreds of dollars for a t-shirt in some collections. Most people have two or three types of t-shirts in their wardrobe, those for regular use and designer wear for outings and parties. The younger generations use these easy maintenance garments to make a statement or highlight their image and style. All college clothing brands have t-shirts and sweatshirts in their catalogs.

Being an ambassador for your school with a t-shirt

Colleges and universities are thrilled when somebody famous wears sweatshirts or t-shirts with their name or logo! Many students with high integrity are always wearing college clothing brands and have a wardrobe full of garments sporting their school’s name. Whether they are students or alumni, wearing their school’s name is an evergreen fad. At most games played in stadiums, you can spot the rival teams in their school’s colors showing support for their team. From a bird’s eye view, you can spot the students from Stanford and those from Harvard by the color of their tees.

Some decades ago, t-shirts hit the big time in the US with brands like Hanes and Fruit Of The Loom, which emblazoned their garments with images of stellar rockstars, bands, and concerts without overcharging customers. Soon everybody was showing their taste in music through the graphics on their tees. College clothing brands were quick to follow and started printing school names and sports teams on their t-shirts and sweatshirts. These t-shirts are very popular as souvenirs for family members visiting campus or students returning home for a break.

Make the correct fashion statement

T-shirts started to become a fashion statement in a big way after stars like Don Johnson wore them under summer suits for the popular TV series ‘Miami Vice.’ Today’s clothing brands still sell white, grey, and black t-shirts the most, but there are variations in the sleeves (long/ short/ sleeveless), collar (round neck/ V-neck), and fabric. Also, with layered clothing picking up in popularity a few years ago, t-shirts can be worn in many ways. Anyone who is fashion conscious knows there’s one thing that’s out of fashion these days, and that’s tucking in your casual t-shirt.

Though many people from the baby boomer generation still consider t-shirts overly casual and best suited for racket sports, some were inspired by Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando. Imitating their style to look like rebels in a white t-shirt and jeans with heavy lace-up shoes is catching on.

college sweatshirts

Today, some brands charge extravagant amounts of money for their t-shirts with a logo in varying sizes. Sportswear brands have become very innovative by launching t-shirts and sweatshirts in unique fabrics and breaking the norm with vibrant pinks and other bold shades for playing sports.

A good fit is the key to dressing well

College clothing brands feel the heat from competitors around the country looking for a larger piece of the action and winning new customers. With prices that are considerably lower than Gap, Armani, and Ralph Lauren, they win their customers’ hearts with high quality goods at low prices. Many tees have humorous messages, catchy slogans, or the latest political issue among 18-25-year-old students printed on the garment. While some are simply tie-dye or a flat color, others have cutting-edge graphics and art work. Flat-front trousers and skinny jeans have become popular, many brands ditched the baggy or loose look and created designer wear with fitting shoulders and collars in fabrics combined with lycra. These days wearing an expensive t-shirt and jeans with the right accessories and shoes is an acceptable dress code at many night clubs and high-end restaurants. With distressed denim and then ripped jeans becoming popular again, t-shirts are riding the wave with retro artwork and flamboyant designs.

Final thoughts

Sweatshirts make the ideal gift, and they’re a dash more expensive than t-shirts. College sweatshirts are available on campuses across the US from UCLA to NYU. As jeans became more and more expensive, tees’ prices increased too. Gone are the days when you could buy a pair of the latest branded jeans and t-shirt for fifty bucks. Dreaming of being enrolled at Parsons and wearing a hoodie with its name across the front will be the correct fashion statement for you. Others who are crazy about the Blue Devils are willing to spend money on licensed products. Today, social media has made it easy for college clothing brands selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to reach more people through word-of-mouth advertising and customer advocacy.


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