There is no denying that your eyes are extremely important. Not only do they allow us to see, but they make up a large part of our appearance. After all, they do say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So it can be devastating to someone when there is irreparable damage done to one or both of their eyes. Some damage is hidden and may only affect the sight, but some could be more cosmetic, especially when there is physical trauma. This physical damage can be very upsetting and can affect someone’s self-esteem. So, what can we do when there is obvious physical damage to someone’s eye, and they can no longer see out of it? There are a few solutions, but one of the best is to invest in a custom prosthetic eye.

What is a prosthetic eye?

A prosthetic eye is the same as an artificial eye. They are also commonly known as glass eyes, although this description is not accurate as they are not actually made of glass. The most common material that is used to make these eyes is strong acrylic. A prosthetic eye will look identical to the original eye in appearance but be a much different shape. They will be more like a dome as they are designed to fit over the damaged eye and simply cover it to make the appearance of a healthy, functioning eye.

Where to get prosthetic eyes from!

There are lots of different companies that design and manufacture prosthetic eyes in the United States, and Alaska is renowned for having top-quality prosthetic eye manufacturers. The most important thing to look for when choosing a prosthetic eye is to make sure that it is custom designed and fitted. There are companies that make custom prosthetic eyes in Anchorage that can make a fake eye look identical to the original eye. There are also custom prosthetic eyes in Fairbanks that do the same, and these eyes will look no different from a standard functioning eye on the outside.

Appearance is very important when it comes to a custom prosthetic eye, as a badly made eye will be very obvious and noticeable. Custom prosthetic eyes are also made to fit snugly and will be much more comfortable for the wearer. These prosthetic eyes are designed to be worn all the time, so the more comfortable and well-fitting they are, the better they will be.

There are different solutions when someone has obvious and physical eye damage, and the most natural and pleasing solution is going to be a custom prosthetic eye. While they cannot restore any vision, they will function the same as a working eye and will cause the illusion that the wearer has a standard eye with no issues. This is among the most important aspects for people who have physical eye issues – they just want to look normal again and not have their damaged eye stand out and be noticeable.


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