Custom z fold business cards is a form of business cards that is generally considered to be portable and pocket-sized, with enough printing area for adequate information that connects with the audience. It is usually in a form of custom information leaflets, pamphlets or flyers that is stylishly made in a symmetrical & striking folded cards.

Typically, custom z fold business cards are perfectly suited to different types of marketing and communications purposes. Due to its relatively small size, custom z fold business card is an excellent means of making a promotional card that has a lot of information in a bright, realistic and easy to transport portable leaflet.

Getting the best custom z fold business cards Virginia will offer you a wide range of designs from gloss to die-cut, pre-cut or pre-scored, all printed in full color of your choice, and either in a 6 1/4 Square or 5 1/8 x 7 (A7) sizes that satisfy your requirements.

Custom z fold business cards are famous for their versatility, which is applicable for all types of businesses. It is usually made to deliver a sharp, assertive, beautiful, modern or vintage 3D design.

Common Materials in making custom z fold business cards

Custom z fold business cards is characterized by its materials make up, thereby making it easier to produce a desired z folded shape. Some of these materials include:

  • Stamp and Die Sets
  • Patterned Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Scoreboard
  • Bone folder
  • Die-cutting machine

The design of custom z fold business cards can be done with various custom printing effects such as rounded corners or a perforation to enable targeted prospects to quickly pull out one of the panels. In the alternative, there maybe some added elements such as foil stamping, UV coating, metallic inks and embossing feature to give a unique appearance to the folded business card. Significantly, the mind-blowing custom printing effects methods used by some of the z fold business cards Toronto are the following:

  • 100% Recycled Papers
  • Custom Papers
  • Die Cuts
  • Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Pantone / Metallic Inks
  • Plastic Cards
  • Round Corners

Rollabind disc binding system is, however, a different ball game entirely. The process of carrying out a rollabind disc binding system involves using discs to hold the sheets of paper together as means of the binding notebook.

Originally invented and eventually patented in 1948 by the duo of Andre Tomas and Andre Martin, who later formed the Atoma brand. The rollabind disc binding system is done by perforating the notebook sheets along the binding edge that nicely fit the profile and spacing of the binding discs.

The making of rollabind disc binding system is done by transferring the sheets between disc-bound notebooks of various purposes and sizes, in as much the discs maintain the exact dimension and spacing. In another form, common paper can be put in by using a unique formulated hole punch to perforate the pages to appropriately fit in to the discs.

Getting the best rollabind disc binding system New York, is available under the various brand names such as Levenger Circa (U.S), Rollabind (U.S), Staples Arc (U.S), Myndology (U.S), Atoma, (Belgium), Aurora Productions (Belgium), Clairefontaine Clairing (France), Boxclever Press (U.K), Wiltdam Hannah (U.K) and some other places around the world.

Rollabind disc sizes.

Technically, the rollabind disc comes in different sizes to serve different purposes. Usually, the number of pages to be bound determines the disc size be used. Similarly, the certain number of pages to bound can be dependent on the page thickness.

Based on the established standards, here are the common disc size that is normally utilized including their number of pages:

  • 3 inches 450 pages
  • 2½ inches 400 pages
  • 2 inches 350 pages
  • 1½ inches 200 pages
  • 1 inch 150 pages
  • ¾ inches 120 pages
  • ½ inches 80 pages
  • ¼ inches 50 pages

However, when it comes to determinant of paper sizes, different continents and firms have their standards which they follow accordingly when applying the required number of discs. Take a look here:

In European Systems

  • ADOC 12-discs = A4 sizes; 8-discs = A5 sizes; 6-discs = A6 sizes
  • Atoma 11-discs = A4 sizes; 8-discs = A5 sizes; 6-discs = A6 sizes
  • Clairfontaine 11-discs = A4 sizes;
  • Staples 11-discs = A4 sizes;
  • William Hannah 8-discs = A5 sizes; 6-discs = A6 sizes





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