There are few people in the world of jewelry designers who are as iconic as Jean Schlumberger. Even those who have never heard of Schlumberger’s name will be aware of his signature style on his collection.

Bracelets are usually adorned with ornaments, Rocks, shells, metal, crystals, or pearls, just to name a few. Bracelets come in many different ways.

A Schlumberger enamel bracelet is usually a rigid wide bracelet that does not close together but just rests on the wrist with a gap on the inner side of the wrist. These bracelets are generally worn low down on the wrist rather than further up the arm.

Bracelets became popular during the Victorian era, although the exact origins are difficult to establish. The term bracelet refers to the unusual chain style of interlocking barred panels. The fashion of a chain of the bracelet is similar to both fetter link chains and belcher link. The main distinguishing feature of a bracelet is the large-sized heart-shaped charm. The charm has a lock and key, which is the closure of the bracelet. It is an ideal depiction of Victorian ideas about chastity and romanticism.

Highly labor-intensive, this requires the use of translucent colored enamel on fine pieces of gold leaf (pylons), then fired at a high temperature and repeated dozens of times to form a thick layer. This exquisite craftsmanship gives bangles a unique and beautiful shimmering effect.

Clamper Diamond Vintage Bracelet

The clamper diamond bracelet is fixed by a spring-type clasp around the wrist. Vintage clamper bracelets were made from a wide selection of materials, including diamonds, silver, gold, metal, rhinestones, or plastics. They were often part of a set, including earrings and a brooch. Neon plastic clamper bracelets were very fashionable in the 1960s. Clamper bracelets are still popular with collectors, and those that come with matching brooch or earrings are in high demand. This Gold plated diamond comprises several strands of beads or pearls held together with a clasp. The chains can be a multitude of different metal chain types, and they can be strong and chunky or thin and delicate.

Slide Diamond Bracelet

A slide is a type of open style casing through which a ribbon or chain can be passed. The front of the slide is often very wide, while the back has one or two straps such as a buckle. The term ‘slide bracelet’ generally refers to a bracelet in which several individual slides are set on a series in rows of one or two. Slides are often separated by small balls. Bracelets of this type belong to the Victorian era. Victorian slides were engraved, or bezel pieces, miniature portraits, or small watch faces that were removed from stick pins or watch fobs. The slide bracelet underwent a revival in the 1940s and 50s. This type is usually chunky and large, using mimics of ancient slides instead of recycled fobs noted in earlier versions.

Deco diamond platinum bracelet is perfectly designed without doubt, but one of the things they lack is completely reducing the weight of gold. It distributes weight evenly around the wrist and often doubles the weight of the bracelet. Aesthetically, many new bracelets also miss the mark. They get too elaborate, eat too much beef, and do not speak decently at all in the way older people have done. Just as the bracelets widened in the 1950s, the rows of the watch also handled themselves, and the compressed clasps were comfortable and unobtrusive.

Gold-Silver Line Bracelet

A line bracelet refers to a thin, flexible type of bracelet consisting of a series of rectangular or square links that are set in a single line. Stones are either similar stones or combinations of different types of stones. This type of bracelet was developed in the early twentieth century. It became very popular in 1920 as the style reflected the regular patterns and geometric design ethos of the Art Deco period.

They were often worn with flapper dresses. The line bracelet was revived in 1980 when it was set with diamonds known as tennis bracelets. Line bracelets can be costume jewelry where they are gold and silver plated and set with glass or crystal stones, or they can be fine jewelry where beautiful gems are set in gold or sterling silver settings.


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