Having a school uniform is imperative. It is a way of showing that all are equal in school. It gives a sense of pride and community. Students in uniform represent their schools. If the school uniforms can be a blessing, it can also become a curse at one point. Students wear the same dress every single day. They have no choice other than wearing the same dress every day, which can be monotonous for the students.

Some schools are very strict with their dress code and don’t allow you to pair the uniform with anything else. However, some schools give students a little flexibility to express themselves. If you are the lucky one, then this post is for you. Below we have shared some tricks to style your girls’ uniform and break the monotony.

  • Jackets and sweaters- When it gets a little colder outside, add another layer in the form of jackets or sweaters to your uniform. Find a stylish and cozy jacket that matches your uniform. You can also try a denim jacket with buttons or patches to look more fashionable.
  • Hair– This is where you can do some experiments. Instead of Blair’s headband, you can switch to some trendy hairstyles. You can also try color braids to keep your hair out of your face. Also, you can snag some hair accessories like headbands and bandannas to add some flair.
  • Backpacks– Instead of using basic backpacks, you can switch to stylish bag options that are functional as well. Try bags with fun patterns with a chic tote. Explore the e-commerce stores; you will find tons of backpack options that will enhance your personality and stand out from the rest.
  • Shoes– Most schools have pairs of closed-toed shoes with the uniform. If you are trying to stay trendy in the summers, then add a pair of espadrilles. Flat booties also look great and can be used throughout the year. Likewise, you can replace your school shoes with a bold pair of sneakers for a little casual look.
  • Socks– If you are not allowed to experiment with your shoes, check if you can make some changes with the shocks. If yes, try a pair of funky socks for a pop of color. You have tons of options in socks to play around with. So, when the weather gets chilled, try knee-high socks with riding boots.


You can completely change the way you should in school uniforms with these ideas. So, if you have the freedom to do some experiment with your school uniforms, then don’t let this opportunity go in vain. Try some of these ideas and make yourself look stylish and stand from the rest. However, if you are looking for a girl’s plaid jumper, there are stores where you can grab for yourself at a competitive price.


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