Everyone has attended a fair share of boring and flop virtual trivia sessions. There can be many reasons for a flop trivia night shows like boring host, unrelatable questions, poor management, etc. The biggest reason for the poor performance of the virtual trivia night is that people cannot form a connection with team members, the host, and the game, which defeats the motive of virtual games.

The primary motive of hosting online team activities is to keep the corporate environment light and encourage teamwork and communication. Some different components and mantras can make your virtual trivia the best online team-building trivia of all time. Some of the mantras are mentioned below-

1.     The precise rules equal more fun.

Many people believe that less rule equals more fun and rules are made to break, but it is the complete opposite in online team activities. Virtual trivia game nights are impossible without a set of clear rules. It is often set by the organizers or played as per the rules based on consensus. It is also crucial that people have the same interpretation of the rules. The organizers should repeat the rules at the beginning of the games to avoid confusion among the participants. They also need to set few minutes in their spare to clarify the rules and solve the doubts.

2.     The questions need to be relatable.

You have to keep the questions related to the theme, and they need to be trendy. The theme can be decided by doing a survey, looking for what’s trending, festivals, etc. Many offices have conducted the Money Heist quizzes to keep the employees entertained. Other than this, as an organizer, you also need to frame the questions in an exciting and understandable manner. You can form a rhyme structure for all your questions etc.

The different stages of the quiz should also be made clear, what they need to do in each stage. For example, suppose you are organizing a Money Heist trivia. In that case, you can have the first segment as the line guessing game, the second can be a character quiz, and the third segment can be all of the money heists where one can ask questions from anywhere in the season.

3.     Keep the prize unique and exciting.

The monetary and non-monetary gifts should be exciting enough to make the people work hard for the prize. Many trivia nights fail to get branded as successful ones because of the boring prizes. For instance, if you give coupons for investment apps to people with little to no trading experience, then it is a flop choice. Similarly, giving discounted coupons for multiple courses that the companies provide for free is a wrong choice.

You need to work hard to determine the gifts for the participants. Some ideas for exciting gifts are, giving an extra day-off, a fully covered spa day, a trip to the water park, a family picnic, etc. The best online team-building trivia game can only be deemed successful if the participants have their eyes set on the worthy prize.

4.     Enjoy and let everyone bond.

The purpose of organizing the best virtual team-building activities is to bond and have a gala night. The team-building activities will be deemed a hit if everyone is interacting freely among themselves by the end of the game. Despite all the odds, the team members know something about each other and had a fun time preparing for the activities.

The company owners and managers help the teams conduct pre-bonding sessions to increase the enjoyment tenfolds at the party. It helps in unleashing the competitive side of the team members. Some of the ideas to build a relationship with your peers can be playing a game of Pictionary or charades to understand each other. The pre-bonding session will help the team in gaining an edge over the other teams.


Conducting the best virtual team-building activities can be challenging. The organizers have to make sure that everyone is bonding, but they also have to keep the game interesting. Days before the activities, they have to make sure that the rules are aligned with the competition, the question cards have the correct answer attached to them, and they know the type of audience and teams attending the competition. The organizers can research online, searching for tips, tricks, and ideas for team-building activities.



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