There are different types of fly protection for our equines. We know how much our horses hate flies due to the level of discomfort it brings them. Flies as well as other insects leave bites on horses’ bodies as well as irritate their injuries. They also indirectly lead to even more severe injuries because they cause horses to stomp in a bid to get away from them. This stomping can lead to hoof injury or even injuries to their ligaments or tendons. It is, therefore, safe to say that flies and other insects are a huge problem if you have horses.

As a horse owner, fly protection for your horses should be part of your horse care equipment.

Different fly protection for horses

There is numerous fly protection equipment and they differ to fit different types of animals ranging from fly boots, fly leggings, fly tail bags, fly sheets, and fly masks in different designs to suit different types of horses. In this article, we would only focus on fly leggings for draft horses and horsetail bags.

  • Fly leggings for draft horses

Draft horses are horses that are bred to do hard work like plowing, pulling a heavy load, and other tedious farm tasks. These horses possess special traits like good temperaments, strength and agility, and stamina. The last thing anyone would want is for their workhorse to get injured which is why it is important to get the best fly leggings for draft horses. You want to get something comfortable that fits right but is not too tight. Remember that your draft horse will move around a lot, and you don’t want the fly leggings falling off during movement. You must consider the size and type of material to ensure that you get the best fly leggings for draft horses.

  • Horsetail bags

Horsetail bags serve more than one function of protecting your horses’ tails from flies, it also functions to keep the horse’s tail off the floor and out of the dirt. You can find horse tail bags for sale online in different colors and designs. They come equipped with tassels at the end to allow the horse’s ability to use its tail to swat flies. Horsetail bags are also used to protect a horse’s man from breaking or debriding. They are made with comfortable material and are attached just below the horse’s tail bone to avoid causing discomfort to the horse.

  • Fly leggings for donkeys

Even our donkeys are victims of flies and other insects and they need some sort of protection from these insects. You can get fly leggings for donkeys on sale online in different designs, sizes, colors, and different materials.

How to use Horse fly protection

We have established how much of a menace flies and other insects are to horses and why the use of fly protection is important, however, it is important you know the right way to use fly protection to avoid any injuries or discomfort to your horse.

  • It’s important that whatever kind of fly protection you choose is made of comfortable material that is non-abrasive and will not cause injury to your horse. You can find budget-friendly fly leggings for donkeys on sale, and even horsetail bags for sale online, only ensure you choose the ones made with the best materials.
  • When buying fly protection for your horses, like fly leggings for draft horses it is always best to ensure that they fit right. You don’t want it too tight or too loose, you also don’t want it too heavy to allow the horses to move around easily. If you’re buying horse tail bags online, ensure that it is the right length and fit for your horse’s tail.
  • Always check your horse’s fly protection gear daily. It is advised that you take them off daily and inspect your horse for any cuts or bruises. If you find that there are bruises caused by your choice of fly protection, you can change them to one with milder fabric and maybe a looser fit.
  • Always consider your horse’s sensitivity when buying fly protection gear for your horses. Figure out what your horse is sensitive to, and how sensitive it is to certain materials. This should be a factor when choosing fly protection gear for your horses.


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