Earlier, the buyers were confined to just one or two options. But nowadays, the buyers have more options to choose the window treatments based on their functions and design. Before finding designers for the best window treatment in your location, know about the top available options and determine the best one for you.

Below are the major window treatment types;

  • Roman shades– Roman shades feature horizontal folds lay flat against the window, which fold up when raised. They do not allow light-filtering adjustments like shutters and blinds. The primary purpose of installing roman shades is to provide complete darkness. They stack up when opened and look visibility smooth when closed. Designers install the chord mechanism in the roman shades, allowing the users to adjust the height. Roman shades are available in various styles, like looped and classic.
  • Shutters– Window shutters feature various frames of vertical rails and horizontal stiles that are louvers. Louvers allow window shutters to enter light and air but keep the rain and direct sunlight away. The angles of the horizontal slats can be adjusted in both window shutters and blinds. Shutters can be installed for multiple reasons, like controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room and providing protection against damages caused by unusual weather conditions.
  • Blinds– Window blinds feature various horizontal and vertical slats made up of multiple materials, including wood, plastic, metals, etc. Blinds are held together by cords mechanism that runs through blind slats. These blinds also can be operated via a remote system. There are two types of window blinds available, including made-to-measure and ready-made blinds. Made-to-measure blinds are made according to the given measured size, whereas ready-made window blinds come in standard sizes that can be cut down to fit any window.
  • Drapes– For many people, drapes and curtains are the same things. Even though they appear almost similar, but they have different characteristics. Drapes generally start at the top of the window and end at the floor. Drapes are made from thicker fabric lined to block sunlight. They are long and create a more formal appearance than curtains. Curtains are the fabric panels available in a range of widths, lengths, colors, fabrics, and patterns. The short and sheer curtains cover only the window portion. Controlling light and noise is the drapes’ primary function and adds value to the room’s appearance.

The final take 

If you are unsure what type of window treatment will be right to fit in your window, talk to the experts involved in installing the window treatment for many years. The right designer will enlighten you with available options and develop the best window treatment that accomplishes the purpose, ensuring the window treatment complements the room’s interior. Either you aspire to install plastic or wood shutters in Camarillo, let the designers know your requirements, so the designer can customize window treatment that matches your style and serve the functions you need.

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