If you are looking for a fun-loving, good-natured, and extremely intelligent dog, then poodles should be at the top of your list. Poodles are a favorite breed for dog owners. For so long, poodles have been the most beloved dogs in the world. They have a lot to offer their owners.

Now you have the question do poodles make good pets? Yes, they make great family pets. You will find that whether it’s a standard, miniature, or toy poodle, they are very affectionate and smart. Their lifespan is long; however, they require much attention, grooming, and exercise. You get the best poodle puppies for sale in Virginia, and they act as the best companion. Read on to know more about the poodle. We’ll cover their personality traits and things to consider before getting a poodle.

Is a Poodle the Right Pet for You and Your Family?

Poodles can be an excellent addition to most families. Poodles can be the right per for you and your family only when you need them to be:

  • Friendly with children and other animals
  • Polite with strangers
  • Easy to housebreak and train
  • One of the most affectionate and most intelligent breeds
  • Playful and lively
  • Non-shedding and ideal for people with allergies
  • Small, medium, and large
  • Sturdy and athletic with grace and elegance

The Most Important Things to Consider If You’re Planning on Getting a Poodle

1. Poodles require plenty of exercises and mental stimulation

To keep these dogs physically active, they need a lot of exercises, especially standard poodles. To run and play, they need a substantial backyard. Along with exercise, they also need mental stimulation. If your poodle does not get the proper exercise and mental stimulation, then poodles can become wild and boring. If that happens, they will act out with hyperactivity, destructive chewing, and barking. If you have a little space in your home, then it’s recommendable to get a miniature or toy poodle.

2. Poodles require a lot of socialization

Poodles are a bit unfriendly by nature. You have to make your poodles exposed to other animals and people at an early age. Through this, they will make a habit of understanding unfamiliar sounds, sights, and smells. If you don’t socialize your poodle with others, their natural tendency of shyness will turn into skittishness and suspicion.

3. Poodles are emotionally sensitive

Poodles prosper in peaceful homes; they are extremely sensitive. Poodles are unable to do well in stressful situations. Your dog can be negatively affected if you are loud and emotional. If your home is full of stress, then your poodle will not be able to grow peacefully. Stress can make your poodle sick and adversely affect the dog’s digestive system.

4. Poodles require grooming

Your poodles require routine grooming. If you have standard poodles, then you need to brush them regularly. Also, you have to clip them in every four to six weeks. There is no need to cut their hair like a typical poodle. You can groom them while keeping their coat short.

5. Poodles bounce a lot

Young poodles love to jump, and they often do it. The height of your fencing can become an issue in the case of a standard poodle. At the age of two, poodles will romp and jump with a lot of energy. They require proper training as well to protect little children from them.

6. Poodles like to bark

Poodles are known as intelligent and attentive dogs as they notice everything. They can bark at every unusual thing, sometimes acting as an alarm. If you don’t want them to bark so much, you should give them training at an early age. If not, then they will make barking an annoying habit.


To sum things up, it’s undeniable that poodles are a great companion for you and your family. They are beautiful and a source of happiness, and they live longer than other dog breeds. So they will stay with you for a long period of time. If you are considering buying poodles, then get them from a standard poodle for sale in Virginia. Visit KK’s Royal Poodles to buy one of the best poodle dogs or puppies. They breed their poodles with high standards and grow them in a house environment. Visit their website to get your new family member.


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