Hospitals need to be equipped for anything that comes in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to keep key pieces of medical equipment handy to provide complete care.

To provide wide-ranging treatment to patients, a standard set of equipment should be available in all hospitals. This inventory of medical equipment can often be renewed and new, allowing hospitals to keep a stockpile for some essential medical equipment pieces. Buying essential equipment and supplies from medical equipment suppliers in Surrey, BC, can be useful in emergencies, injured and recovering, and chronic conditions.

Here are some medical equipment and supplies that should be available in all healthcare centers:

Emergency Blankets

Although you are not at risk of hypothermia in sunny regions, emergency blankets are beneficial for much more than just helping to keep you warm. They can help confine the effects of shock after a terrifying hurtful incident.

Medical-Grade Splint

A cracked bone or even a severe sprain is not something you want to mess with. A medical splint gives you an option to handle pain and prevent further injury before you get final medical treatment. Splints are a standard medical supply that orthopedic surgeons in hospitals use.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit assists the individual who becomes injured in an accident until help arrives. Doctors having first aid kits make them ready to provide typical medication to people in remote areas. Gauzes, Bandages, thermometer, burn gel, CPR mask, scissors, adhesive tapes, and antiseptic wipes are included in this kit.

Essential Equipment for Old age people


Different types of wheelchairs available at medical equipment stores online, depending on patient needs. From regular, lightweight wheelchairs to power wheelchairs that are easy to function. This medical equipment can help carry a person with an injured leg from one place to another in a timely manner. With this equipment, differently-abled people can participate in events and pursue their hobbies.

There is also the option of a reclining wheelchair, available with four wheels. Easy to transport and come with specific features for extra convenience.


Walkers are traditional mobility aids that are more relevant today in that they provide support to help individuals move around while providing a balanced structure to carry weight. Depending on the specific need, Medical Equipment Suppliers in Surrey BC, offer different types of walkers. For example, a knee walker.

Knee walkers comprise a padded rest for the foot, thus prioritizing patient comfort and preventing fatigue. Ideal for use in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and medical centers.

Medical Supplies for Injuries

There are many ways to make the process easier by managing the injury and trying to heal as quickly as possible. One of these methods is to gain access to medical supplies specially designed to help the person return to their usual health and functionality!

Gauze Sponges

Gauze sponges absorb extra moisture and body fluids released after getting injured. These gauzes provide cushioning support to protect sensitive wound areas. This is an essential supply in injury care and makes a sterile barrier against germs and dirt.

Medical Tape

Medical adhesive tape, or surgical tape, is usually affixed to the skin to hold bandages, gauze, and other dressings to the skin around wounds. The medical tape serves many purposes in the care of injuries. This adhesive material hold breathing tubes in place, secures vein lines and helps people manage post-operative drains.

Alcohol Pads

If doctors give repeated injections to a patient, alcohol pads are necessary to clean and prepare the skin. It helps to prevent bacteria from entering the body after piercing the skin. Alcohol pads are also helpful for cleaning wounds.

Medical Thermometer

A precise thermometer measures human body temperature and lets them know if they have got a fever, a clear sign of infection. Clinicians generally use an infrared thermometer, digital oral thermometer, and disposable thermometers to detect body temperature. It is an essential medical product primarily used in clinics and can be easily obtained from any Medical Equipment Store in Surrey.

Hospital Stretchers

In an emergency, transporting patients is very important. Therefore, all hospitals and medical centers should have stretchers for the care of patients.

To find out more about medical equipment and supplies options, including new and used equipment, visit an online medical equipment store.


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