Winter is the season of fireplaces, wool socks, sweaters, and hot chocolates. It is an amazing time of the year, except for your skin, hair, and eyelashes. Skin and hair become dry due to the lower level of humidity and cold temperatures. And this also affects the eyelashes’ growth cycle. Lashes become flakier in winter and thus result in shedding prematurely. This also affects your lash extensions. Another adverse effect of cold weather is that hair and eyelashes tend to slough off respectively during the winter season.

For those who wear eyelash extensions, this could be some positive news as it will mean that you will have to visit your salon less often to get refills. You must go to a professional lash stylist to get the best eyelashes in Chicago. In this blog, you will learn multiple tips to keep your lashes and extensions in a beautiful state, even in winter.

Follow These Tips to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions:

1. Moisturize your lashes

The cold temperature causes dryness and makes your lashes flaky; it is essential to moisturize them. You might know that linseed or castor oil does phenomenon with natural lashes as it helps in the growth of the eyelashes. However, oils are one of the greatest enemies for eyelash extensions because oils lose the bonds and thus lead to your extensions popping off. Stop using moisturizers that contain wax, glycerin, and oil to prevent your eyelash extension. In case you use a such moisturizer on your face, then make sure that it does not get near your eyelashes.

2. Enjoy safe steaming

In cold weather, nothing is better than a hot bathtub or sauna treatment. They revitalize your body and make you feel healthy and refreshed. It’s okay to use a steam room, hot tub, and sauna with eyelash extensions as long as you obey a simple rule: Never touch and rub the eyes while using them. The hot air eases the adhesive bonds, and if you rub your eyes at that time, you can cause your lash extensions to fall out. , Once your eyelids are cold again, everything is back to normal.

3. Visit your saloon for fills regularly

Visiting your lash artist for regular fillings is essential to keeping your eyelash extensions in their supreme form throughout the year. Contact your salon and schedule an appointment every 2-3 weeks. When you visit your lash stylist, they refill your eyelash extensions. Along with that, they replace or remove any overgrown or twisted eyelash extensions. They will also check your natural eyelashes’ health and let you know if they find any problem in your lashes.

The Final Thought

These simple tips can help you keep healthy skin, hair, and eyelashes during the cold weather and help you enjoy your favorite eyelash extensions even in winter. There are various places to get eyelash extensions in Chicago, but Linxia Beauty Works is the one to trust. To book your appointment, visit their website.


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