Do you want to improve your electric bike’s range but don’t know how to do so? You would like to know some essential tips for enhancing your e-bike range. Read further to learn tips and tricks. 

Most people who use e-bikes have this common concern. If you also use an e-bike such as the best fat tire mountain bikeyou may be concerned about increasing the range. The tips included in this post will give a few extra miles or kilometers to your e-bikes.

Tips to improve electric bike range

Ensure your battery is fully charged

The first tip to increase your bike range is to ensure a fully charged battery. After all, you can easily forget to recharge the battery after a hard day at work. This is why it is crucial to make sure you have fully charged your battery. If you forget to charge the battery of your best fat tire e-bike,you can follow a routine. With a routine charging habit, you will immediately plug in your battery, when you are at home. 

Pedal harder

While it is obvious to pedal harder, you need to consider it as a range-increasing trick. For example, you have to ride some extra miles, realizing that your battery will not help you. In that case, you can reduce the throttle and pedal harder to compensate for the low battery. You can apply this trick whenever your battery is low, and you still need to run some extra errands. 

In addition, if you have the best fat tire mountain bike and are riding it around the mountains, you should use the pedal to assist your bike. 

Enjoy a slow ride

Strong wind can reduce your speed and drain you and your battery’s energy. So, if you want to increase your range, you should ride a little slower. Riding slow will help you reduce the wind drag. Also, you are safe when you ride slowly. 

Use a second charger

If you plan to go for a long commute, you will need more range that your battery can’t provide. In this case, it is good if you have a second charger at work. After you go to work, you can plug in the battery to recharge it during the day. Your boss may think that you are increasing their electricity bill by charging the battery of your best fat tire e-bike.You can tell your boss that charging an e-bike’s battery don’t cost pennies.

Consider having a second battery

Do you have to ride through a long route? It is worth having a second battery to give your best fat tire mountain bike extra power.Your e-bike may have an option to use a second battery in order to increase your range. Contact your manufacturer to learn more about it. 

Make sure your tire pressure is up

Your tire pressure brings a significant difference in how your e-bike works and consumes your and your battery’s energy. If you ride with low tire pressure, your bike will move slowly. After all, if you have a city-style e-bike, you should maintain a tire pressure of 50-60 psi. You don’t need to overinflate your tires as they will give you a rough ride. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations and maintain tire pressure accordingly. 

Ensure the good health of your battery

To take care of your battery’s health, you should store it at room temperature. You can’t keep your battery in good condition, either cold or hot temperature. Keep your battery charged, if you don’t need to ride your bike much winter. Store your battery at the correct temperature and charge it every couple of months. Remember that you don’t have to leave it plugged in for more than 24 hours. 

That’s all. You can use these tips to increase your e-bike’s range. Go through the points mentioned above to learn more. 

Change your old battery

If you use an e-bike such as the best fat tire e-bike with an old battery, you should replace it. Your old battery can’t hold the amount of required energy as the energy holding capacity will reduce over time. Consider changing your battery when you don’t get enough range. You can follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to replace your battery. 


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