Traveling from the east coast to the west on the iconic route 66 is a dream for many. Route 66 is a road like no other. Embarking on an iconic ride with your buddies on a bike will provide you with an experience that you will never forget.

Traveling through the heart of the country, visiting different states along the way, and exploring the scenic beauty will leave you mesmerized. However, to complete your adventurous trip on your beloved bike, you must take some of the motorcycle must have accessories along the journey. These dynamic motorcycle accessories will not only make the journey much more convenient but, at the same time, enjoyable and fun.

When planning a long bike trip across the country, keeping a few things in mind and carrying important adventure motorcycle parts or accessories is essential. Long bike rides, especially those involving traveling from one side of the country to another, generally come with a fair share of challenges. However, proper planning beforehand and carrying some dynamic motorcycle accessories along the journey can make the trip much more comfortable and enjoyable. These adventure motorcycle parts will allow you to deal with issues along the way and allow you to enjoy the journey without much worry.


Though many people keep in mind important motorcycles must have accessories like luggage racks, backrests, helmets, etc., They tend to forget some lesser yet equally important stuff they should have with them along the ride. Let us look at some of the things one should carry before embarking on such a tremendous experience.

#1- Important documentation

Documentation is the first and foremost thing that you should carry while going on the journey across the country. Identity proof, documents for evacuation insurance, other similar documents, and your driving license are must-have items to carry. These documents will come in handy in case you run into some issues along the way. It will allow you to deal with any administration-related trouble that may arise. Furthermore, in case of emergency, these documents will come in handy as well.

#2- A good map

Another important thing to carry along the journey across the country is a well-labeled country map. A good motorcycle map will highlight the important routes and allow you to know the path you must follow. Though many people think maps are of no use in this modern time and age and mobile phones can replace them. But this electronic piece of equipment may malfunction unknowingly, leaving you stranded on the way. Keeping a good old map will be your only option in time of need.

#3- GPS navigation

GPS navigation is another thing you should try and install on your ride before going on this remarkable journey. GPS navigation makes it easier to navigate various towns and cities that may come along the way. It also improves your overall riding experience as it will let you know the shortest route and keep you updated with the traffic of the cities to avoid any delay. It makes the journey much more comfortable, and you will not have to stop regularly to check the map for the route.

#4- A device for communication

Whether you choose a Bluetooth helmet communicator or a good old walkie takkie while traveling with a group on a long journey, a device for communication becomes crucial. A good communication device allows you to connect and keep each other informed about any scenarios that may present themselves. Furthermore, it is a great way to enjoy the journey without getting bored.

#5- A motorcycle toolkit

A motorcycle toolkit to repair flat tires and deal with other inconveniences is also essential for long bike rides. Modern bike tires are rough and tough and can deal with long journeys, but they are prone to cuts and punctures despite that. Keeping essential adventure motorcycle parts with you might come in handy in time of need. Furthermore, you can not do complicated repairs along the road; however, little tweaks can be done when needed so that you can reach a nearby mechanic and get proper treatment for your bike.

#6- A spare bike key

Carrying a spare bike key is something that slips out of a lot of people’s minds while embarking on a long journey. A spare bike key can be your big savior if something happens to the main key. It may fall, breaks, or get lost on the campsite. Keeping a spare key with you can save you from a lot of trouble in your time of need.

There is no denying that dynamic motorcycle accessories make your bike ride much more enjoyable. However, these minor essential items can be of great use in need. Keep motorcycle must have accessories alongside you while going on a long road trip and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty and life-changing experience of such an incredible road trip.


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