Steven Landman immigrated to the United States from Israel in 1986 and began selling ties for his brother at flea markets in New York City. The market was a sanctuary for newcomers. It was a plethora of fascinating people, each with their own distinct cultures, backgrounds, and styles. Landman met with people on a daily basis and gained an understanding of their preferences, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or color. Landman became a buyer when his brother launched a haberdashery in New York called “Tie One.”

However, he was disappointed with the merchandise every time he received a shipment and realized he could do better. He started his own tie shop, “The Tie Gallery,” in central Manhattan a year later. The Tie Gallery would be Landman’s first step toward becoming a designer. Landman’s early success stemmed from his ability to turn women’s fabrics, primarily floral and jacquards, into ties. He began on a small scale before moving on to selling at trade events. Landman asked a friend if he could share a small spot at a display booth, and he sold out of his ties in the first day, around 18,000 units. In 1990, Landman launched his first design firm, “Aniva.”

Landman’s name was anglicized, and the Steven Land brand was formed. Steven Land has now become one of the most well-known haberdasheries in the world. Steven Land is well-known for being on the cutting edge of fashion and for bringing the most innovative concepts to the industry. The land is the only tie house permitted by “Swarovski” to use its world-renowned crystals only for Steven Land. Other tie companies aim to imitate Steven Land’s style. Most tie firms buy from mills; at Steven Land, all of the designs are created in-house by a team of outstanding, experienced, and professional designers and artists. These employees choose colors and create custom shells and textiles for Steven Land. That’s why when people buy Steven Land Shirts and Ties, they can be sure they are getting something exclusive.

How to select the perfect Steven Land necktie

1. Skinny ties are not hip anymore. Choose ties that are either 8 or 9 cm in length.

Anything less than 7cm is too short and will appear dated. For slim suits with a thin lapel, a 7 cm tie would suffice, but for a classic suit, opt for an 8 or 9 cm tie.

2. Select the right color and pattern of the tie

There should only be a single statement piece in your ensemble. If you’re wearing a vibrant shirt or suit, keep your tie simple. If you’re wearing a plain suit and shirt, your tie can take center stage.

For formal occasions, a black-tie should be worn. You may get away with wearing one to work, but there are nicer looks out there, so why not alter it up?

Fortunately, most suits are grey or blue, which opens up a wide range of color options. You can’t go wrong with most tie colors when wearing a white or light blue dress shirt. Choose a more subdued tie once you start wearing bolder shirt/suit colors. If you really want to dig into color theory, you can, but your intuition will typically lead you on the right route.

Mix patterns if you want, but make sure they aren’t competing with each other. Ensure that no two motifs are too identical by varying the size and print. Wear a butcher stripe shirt with a microprint tie or a micro-check shirt with a wide-striped tie, for example. If you’re still unsure, a strong knot is always a safe bet.

Make an effort not to overthink this step. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of options and guidelines, but as long as you don’t wear more than one statement piece, it’s difficult to go wrong.

3. Select the appropriate fabric

The same goes for ties as it does for apparel. The dressier the fabric, the smoother and simpler it is.

Silk ties are appropriate all year and can be worn for almost any event, depending on the texture and pattern. Always choose silk with a shine for formal occasions.

In the chilly months, wool ties can appear very professional and are ideal for work clothing. It leans toward the casual end of the spectrum the more texture it has. Wear them with wool suits of a heavier weight.

So, if you haven’t already, consider buying some quality Steven Land neckties today!


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