Water well installation requires proper drilling and casing. Different casing equipment is essential for the job. One of the most efficient and useful ones include water well pipe elevators in the USA.

Are you wondering if you need casing elevators for your project? Or are you unsure of which casing elevator to use? This guide provides a better understanding of casing elevators. You can then make your informed choice.

Read on to know all about casing elevators.

What is a Casing Elevator?

Casing elevators such as water well drop pipe elevators in the USA are the equipment that latches around pipes. These elevators attach to the pipe joint and drill string. It becomes easier to lift and lower heavy pipes during a water well installation.

Most casing elevators come with hinges and handles that wrap around pipes. The rig screws can open or close them when the need arises. These rig screws attach to sturdy steel rods that are called bails or links.

The rig screws make sure to secure the latches and firmly hold the pipe. You do not have to worry about the pipes slipping. It helps you avoid any risk of injuries or damages.

Types of Casing Elevators

Casing elevators such as PVC casing lifting elevators in the USA come in different types. So, you can choose the elevator that suits your needs the best.

The following are the different types of casing elevators:

  • Single Joint Casing Elevator

A single joint casing elevator is a common type. It consists of one housing that has access to the opening. This feature allows it to receive the pipes and hold them firmly throughout the lowering process.

It comes with a configured power assembly. You can efficiently operate it to open and close around the pipe. Such remote access allows you to ensure better convenience. A single joint casing elevator can handle pipes of up to five tones.

Center Latch Casing Elevator

The center latch casing elevator gives you the advantage of air operation. Various sizes of this type are available. It gives you a wider choice to select the best one for your water well installation needs.

Generally, workers use this casing elevator to handle taper drill and casing pipes and drill collars. Most models come with an anti-slip. It helps in avoiding any accidents and inefficiencies.

You can find center latch PVC casing lifting elevators in the USA at affordable costs. Some manufacturers also offer customization options. You can find specifications regarding the size and functioning you need.

  • Side Door Elevators

A side door elevator can hoist drill and casing collars and pipes. It has a reliable side door and safety latch. These features ensure to lock the elevator as soon as the door closes. You do not have to worry about the latch opening accidentally while lifting or lowering pipes.

Side door elevators can handle casings of up to the size of 42’’. Each side door elevator can withstand about 100 to 500 tons.

How to Choose the Best Casing Elevator

Apart from the type, consider the following factors to choose the best water well pipe elevators in the USA:

  • Quality

It is essential to look for quality casing elevators to ensure the best performance. Check if the equipment has appropriate certifications. Generally, The American Petroleum Institute (API) licenses pipe elevators and other casing handling tools.

Purchase your water well pipe elevators from suppliers who have such certifications. It assures you of high-quality casing equipment.

  • Price

Water well pipe elevators come in various price ranges. It depends on the type, manufacturer, material, and other factors. Make sure to look for a casing elevator that comes at a reasonable price and fits your budget.

Check the price of other casing handling tools you require as well. Accordingly, you can decide how much you can invest in pipe elevators. However, avoid cheaper tools. These may not be of the best quality.

Look for affordable options that ensure quality. You can also search for the ones that come with a good warranty. Some suppliers may offer discounts if you purchase many casing handling equipments at once.

Casing elevators can make the process easier for you. Workers do not have to deal with lifting and lowering heavy pipes. It helps to improve efficiency and avoid any injuries or damages. Choose a pipe elevator that best matches your water well casing needs and budget.


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