A catio is sometimes called a cat window cage, catio window insert, cat cage box, or cat window patio. Whatever you want to call it, they all provide similar functions. They allow your furry friend to experience the sights and sounds, and even smells of the outdoors, while keeping them safe too.

They are specifically ideal if you live in an apartment or don’t have sufficient outdoor space. There are lots of companies available that offer a wide range of window cages and cat window cage DIY design plans. You can select the best one that fits your needs.

Before considering DIY, you need to get complete information about the window cage, such as what it is, its types, and functions.

What is a cat window cage?

A window cage is a specific type of outdoor enclosure for a cat, and you can install it on the outside of your house, where a window is positioned. They are generally made using both a metal or wooden frame, covered by a wire mesh as well as strong netting material. These cages are available in different sizes and shapes as per your requirements.

Why get a cat window box?

They allow your cat to go out into the enclosure whenever they want. By installing a window cage, you can give your cat an interesting space to explore, see the outside world, and just chill out and sleep in!

To prevent boredom and several health issues, cats need to have varied lives. DIY cat window cage is one way of providing some environmental development for your cat. These cages are relatively easy to install and are often one of the most reasonable options available.

How to make a window cage for a cat?

First of all, you have to find a way for your cat to come and go through the window via a cat flap insert that fits in the window frame. The cat door comes in a big range of different sizes. The cage door gives your furry friends access to shelter day and night as well as gets them out of the heat, rain, and cold without any hassle.

You need to make some enclosure on the outside of your window area. Generally speaking, there are some helpful methods of creating a window cage:

  • You can give your cat a safe enclosure by installing a ready-made window catio kit.
  • By building your personal custom DIY cat window cage.
  • By hiring a professional person to build a custom catio for you

Window catio kits:

Ready-made catio kits or enclosures are the simplest way to give your cat a safe accommodation. They are generally designed and installed by using some easy tools at home.

The ready-made window cages come in various sizes, so you have to find one that perfectly fits your window size. Many companies are available here that design enclosures according to your custom sizes.

Building a custom DIY window catio:

Constructing your cat enclosure gives you a lot more flexibility to design it exactly as you want. If you want to make your own window catio as it lets you make it fit the space you have available, then it is a great idea. Your lucky cat will probably end up with more space after installing it. To match your window frames, you can also look at how you want and paint it a certain color. In addition to this, it is also a reasonable option.

Hiring a professional person to help:

There are many persons who claim to make high-quality custom catios, but it would be great to hire a professional to do the job correctly. You just need to tell them what you want exactly, talk through the design and materials, and then check the work to ensure it is what you are looking for. You can get absolutely a great result you don’t get after doing it yourself.


No doubt cats love to go outdoors. But, there are many risks to your feline friend from the outside environment. Cats are exposed to risks such as vehicles, predators, and diseases whenever they leave your home. So, it is your duty to give your furry friend an environment that includes safety and enjoyment as well.

Wondering where to get help for a DIY cat window cage? If yes, then we are here to help you.


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