It’s a fact that illicit drugs and substance consumption has increased significantly in recent times. While there are several factors that can be attributed to this, the primary reason is that modern life has become incredibly arduous. Long working hours, relationships, struggle to balance work and life, etc., can put one’s mind under immense strain. Since most of the drugs inhibit one’s crucial cognition skills, they can help alleviate stress. So, why are drugs considered to be bad, and consuming them is against laws?

First, most drugs have anadverse reaction to one’s physical health, even leading to fatal reactions. Second, drugs are addictive in nature. This can lead to over-consumption. In fact, severe incidents due to drugs overdose have become increasingly common these days. Third, drugs are unregulated. Since there is no procedure in place, one can sell harmful drugs or even drugs laced with foreign and harmful compounds.

So, it is clear consuming drugs or abusing alcohol is nothing good. This is precisely where drug tests, like the At Home 12 Panel Drug Test, come in. Their method of working is pretty simple to understand. Whenever you consume a drug, your body breaks it down to simple by-products by the metabolic process. These by-products are simple in nature and can be readily ingested by your system. But not all the product is ingested. It often leaves traces or tiny amounts after the process. Drug tests, like the 1 Panel Dip Card Drug Test, detect these traces in your system and provide accurate results to the administrator. But what is used for the detection? Bodily samples, such as saliva and urine, are the most commonly used type of samples as they are easy to collect and store. In addition, climatic conditions, such as extreme temperatures and pressure, have little to no effect on the sample. So, you can be sure that you are getting reliable and accurate results.

  • Oral samples: Most of the illicit substances are consumed through the mouth. So, it’s understandable that some of it remain there. In addition, since saliva is easy to collect ( a person has to chew on a sponge at the end of the collection stick), the whole process of administering the drug test becomes efficient and convenient.
  • Urine samples: Your body processes drugs and foods in your intestines by absorbing the nutrients with the porous walls of the intestines. Hence, the most significant concentration of traces is left in the intestines. In addition to all this, collecting urine samples is minimally invasive and easy to store, which makes testing a large group of people easier.

Hence, it is easy to see how drug tests, like the At Home 12 Panel Drug Test, work. But are these tests reliable? After all, when it comes to drug testing, you only want accurate results.

First, conducting these tests is incredibly easy, and you don’t need any specialized personnel with skills to administer them. Hence, you can conduct them yourself. This enhances the test’s reliability. In addition, as mentioned above, samples collected are easy to store and maintain. Other samples can undergo chemical change due to even the slightest change in temperature, pressure, and other conditions. But oral and urine samples are quite resistible to these slight changes. Only extreme changes in conditions can alter the chemical composition of the samples and affect the results. This is another reason why businesses and workplaces are buying the 1 Panel Dip Card Drug Test. Another advantage of these tests is that the collected samples are hard to tamper with.

Also, if you are looking to conduct a test on a wide group of people, using the At Home 12 Panel Drug Test is the way to go. How so? As mentioned above, since these tests are simple to administer, they can be conducted in-house. In addition, such tests can provide accurate results in a couple of minutes. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get pretty much the same results from professional labs. Also, buying these tests is quite affordable, so buying them in bulk can save you a considerable amount of money.


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