What comes to mind when one hears redwood is that the tree is red. If you are thinking that way, you are right. Redwood is particularly sought after due to its many beneficial properties.

It is a premium building wood with a chemical that makes it resistant to insects, weather, and rot. This characteristic makes it the perfect wood for building and constructing other household equipment.

Redwood comes in different grades. Old-growth redwood is particularly sought after because they are stronger and more durable. After extensive loggings of the tree in the 1980s, there is little Old Growth Redwood for Sale, making them a scarce commodity.

Scarcity is one of the factors why the Old Growth Redwood Lumber Prices are on the high side.

What is Old Growth Redwood?

Generally, they are old, tall, large trees that grew over the century in a relatively undisturbed forest. These trees possess certain features that make them unique and well sought-after.

They possess a plate-like bark, larger branches, basal hollow, and reiterated crown, among many other features. These features typically take about 200 years to develop, contributing to the many attractive features people crave today.

While age is a large contributing factor to a tree being referred to as old growth, it is not always a determinant. The reason is that a tree might be over 200 years without developing some of the defining characteristics of old-growth redwood trees.

For example, a tree may be over 200 years old but lack the size of a normal old-growth redwood because it doesn’t have the right condition to develop into its full potential. If there is no room to expand its roots or other redwood trees to provide a backup nutrient, such trees may not have the defining characteristics of other redwoods that enjoy these features.

Old-growth redwood is valuable and can be converted into other useful raw materials used in construction. You will find Old Growth Redwood Slabs for Sale in many online stores. However, you need to research a good one before opting for one.

Characteristics of Redwood

Redwood has many desirable characteristics, making it a favorite in construction.


Redwood is one of the most durable materials used in construction. It is one of nature’s strongest materials and is resistant to insects and weather elements. You will hardly find redwood splitting or warping even with little maintenance. Redwood can last for decades without wear and tear from daily use.


Due to their amazing color and texture, they produce beautiful furniture. Redwood furniture is beautiful; everyone loves its shiny color and wood grain texture.


Compared to some other woods used in furniture making, redwood is much lighter. One major reason why many love working with redwood is because it can be easily shaped, sawed, cut, and drilled even with regular woodworking tools.

Contains Natural Chemicals

Redwoods contain natural chemicals that prevent them from decay, fire, and weather, making them a durable raw material in furniture construction. These natural tannins found in the plant’s pores are the reason for their durability, making them one of the most coveted woods in construction.

Sustainable and Renewable

Although some might say they are endangered, redwood is one of the sustainable building materials you will find. Redwood stores carbon in its wood fiber, successfully keeping carbon from the atmosphere.

A deck made from redwood can store a significant amount of carbon, giving you a fresh, clean, and eco-friendly environment.

Uses of Redwood

  • Used for Decking: redwood is one of the most suitable materials for decking. The wood’s natural strength, stability, and durability make it a good material for decking although it costs more.
  • Furniture: They make fine and durable furniture due to their natural color and texture.
  • Construction Beams: Redwoods are the best beam support because of their strength and length. Since most redwoods are longer, they are more suitable for construction beams because it eliminates the need to join several timbers together.


Redwood has many beneficial characteristics, although with fewer disadvantages as well. Old-growth redwood is highly coveted and deservedly so. They possess many benefits that make them durable and resistant to weather, environmental, and insect action.


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