With the onset of the first summer days, many people think of replacing the noisy and bustling life flow with a relaxed and pleasant vacation. For most of us, relaxation is associated with golden sandy beaches, clear water surface and leisurely tourists. There is growing demand for well-groomed coastlines and Islands as people love holidays in nature’s lap. They want to enjoy the sea climate, breathe fresh air or go on an exciting trip to the most beautiful beaches on the planet. What benefits you enjoy while holidaying in Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais? Let’s have a look.

  • Excellent value for money

Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais is considered one of the most economical holiday resorts in the velvet season and early summer. There are low prices for accommodation, food, entertainment and other facilities. A full-fledged service is waiting for all tourists in exchange for a moderate fee throughout the year. Naturally, today an increasing number of vacationers do not want to overpay for a holiday at unnecessarily expensive resorts.


  • A Wide Variety of Motels

There are more than enough accommodation options in Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais. You can stay in world-class hotels for a relatively small fee where the level of service deserves all praise. The hallmark of Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais is the “all-inclusive” hotels, in which food and drinks are available to tourists at any time in unlimited quantities. Just pay once and forget about the extra expenses. Have a great holiday with your near and dear ones and click memorable pictures.

  • Crystal Clean beaches

Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais is elegant and clean. The absence of industrial enterprises and favorable climatic conditions make it a perfect place for holidays, excursions, business parties, marriages, festivals, special family events, etc. You can have a pleasant and comfortable trip in Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais.

  • Products for Every Taste and Budget

Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais is a Shopaholic’s Paradise! Colorful markets, shops, and souvenir shops are open here. You can buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, dishes, jewelry, spices, fabrics, souvenirs, and almost anything you want from a nearby market. Prices for everything are low. Therefore, you will get real pleasure from shopping!

  • Active Recreation And Decent Excursion Program

In Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais, you can opt for diving, rafting, yachting, horse riding, mountaineering, golf, tennis, water skiing or yachting, paragliding, or hot air balloon flying as per your choice. This place is ideal for all lovers of outdoor games and sports. Service providers have all the required infrastructure, tools, and experts to help you enjoy these adventurous games and sports, have great fun, and enjoy the beauty of an open atmosphere.

  • No Language Barrier

Do not be afraid of the language barrier – there is no such thing in Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais. Locals speak English quite well. You can easily communicate with the hotel staff and ordinary people on the street. You can easily find an English-speaking guide who will guide you throughout the trip without letting you feel the language barrier.

  • Tropical Beach Paradise with Good Climate

There is still no such sweltering heat and stuffiness as in July and August at the beginning of summer. During the day, a pleasant temperature of +26…+28 degrees is maintained, and the seawater in June on some coasts. At this time, if there are summer rains, they are short-lived. You can spend almost the whole day on the beach in the first summer month. Prolonged temperatures and prolonged rains will not disturb your plans for outdoor activities, games, and excursions.

  • Almost Like Home

Exotic nature, tasty cuisine, good weather- these curiosities attract many people worldwide. The close-minded local population, mild climate, beautiful landscapes, and quite decent service will provide you with a pleasant seaside holiday with all the charms of beach life. You feel like living in your second home.

  • The Sea as The Main Attraction

Passionate fans of sea bathing will love to relax on the sea where you can lie on the surface of the water, as in a chaise longue, reading an entertaining book. Diving enthusiasts will fully enjoy fantastic underwater excursions in the sea. Oceans and seas cover most of the earth. There are enough picturesque beaches for everyone. The main thing is to take your time with the choice and find a place to relax where it will be right for you.

Beach holidays in Costa Rica Tambor mal Pais is the dream and desire of many people. You can go for an excursion at any time with your friends, family members, children, etc.  Choose a perfect place for your stay and enjoy your outing.


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