API 6A monogrammed FC-style gate valves feature knife gate valves and non-rising stems with floating liner designs to ensure safe and reliable operation. Standard FC-style gate valve features include:

  • Metal-to-metal body-to-bonnet seals.
  • Gate-to-seat.
  • Seat-to-body straight-through designs.

The above properties make it ideal for manifold drilling and production operations.

Materials and covers are available for all operating conditions. Flanged ends are open with standard bore sizes from 1-13/16″ to 7-1/16″ with working pressures from 2,000 to 20,000 psi. 

FC Style Gate Valves

API 6A monogrammed FC-style gate valves are a range of gate valves with a reliable and proven design designed and manufactured to meet API 6A requirements. This valve model offers users multiple options for their application, including the ability to provide a positive seal at well/flow line pressures ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 PSI.

The FC-style gate valve is a complete port valve that allows downhole tools to pass through the wellhead and reduces turbulence. Model FC valves are similar in design, but there are slight differences throughout the range, and high parts interchangeability provides efficiency-focused advantages in managing and maintaining gate valve fleets for optimal life cycle management is provided for completeness.

Features of FC-Style gate valves

  • The FC-Style gate valve is a field-proven valve that offers reliability and compatibility.
  • The FC valve has a two-way seal and a non-rising stem, making it ideal for drilling manifolds, Christmas trees, and the most demanding applications.
  • No special tools or devices are required to change the gate and seat assembly. The stem pin prevents shear failure of the stem and internal parts if the hand wheel is over-tightened
  • An integral spool prevents line deposits from entering the body cavity and prevents pressure blockage when upstream pressure drops.
  • A wide range of body and shroud materials to suit various operating conditions. It can be easily equipped with manifolds or hydraulic actuators for subsea service.

The function of FC-type gate valve

The FC model is a bi-directional knife gate valve with a back stem that isolates the valve pressure from the stem seal area.

Bottom Line

The API 6A monogrammed FC-style gate valve is designed to meet the standards of industrial valves used for oil and gas extraction. The valve features a unique design that eliminates the need for a separate air flow meter. The valve provides a continuous visual indication of the airflow rate. When closed, the valve appears solid black; when open, the valve seems clear. The valve is constructed of stainless steel and meets the requirements of ASTM D-2863-11.


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