You come back home after a tiring day at work, sit on a massage chair and ease your stress.

The Osaki OS-4000XT Massage chair offers varied massage styles that mimic a professional human therapist. The one-time investment is a value-for-money purchase only when you are clear about the critical features of a massage chair.

Features of an Osaki Massage ChairĀ 

Listed below are the crucial features that you would need in an Osaki massage chair.

Effective Massage

Massage chairs have come a long way. From the basic vibrations and roller strokes, the massage chairs of today mimic an actual therapeutic session. It is a one-time cost that lets you enjoy the benefits of a masseur session for many years sitting at home.


Kneading massage or Shiatsu is done using kneading rolls. It massages the spine center moving towards the outside. The technique feels like two hands rubbing on the back. It is a relaxing process to relieve your fatigued back.


Tapping or percussive massage helps to promote blood circulation.

Zero-Gravity Recline

A zero-gravity recline is the best position to alleviate joint and spine pressure massage. It is a full 160 to 180 recline with a slight bent on your knees and hips. The posture is ideal for letting you enjoy the massage to the fullest and is a crucial feature to look for in your Osaki OS-4000XT Massage chair.


Airbags find use in modern massage chairs, which is a technique to relax your forearms, shoulders, calves, hips, and feet. The airbag targets various body parts and puts in the proper pressure. The number of airbags in the Osaki massage chair should be right, neither too many nor too few. This will translate to the best massage.


The rolling action stretches the muscles by moving the spine bones. It carefully rolls on the spine in an upward, sideways, and downward movement. This is a must-have in any quality massage chair. There are 2D, 3D, and 4D rollers to choose from. The modern chairs also let you vary the height and width of the roller.

The massage chair should let you move the roller in both the lateral and vertical positions. The 3D roller moves right, left, down and up, and also in and out. The 4D massage roller lets the user adjust the in and out roller movement speed.

Roller Track

Massage chair roller tracks are also a vital feature to look into. The S-track Osaki massage chair starts the massage from the neck. These go all the way to the low back. They then follow the spine curvature and move upwards and downwards in an oscillatory movement.

The L-track chairs have rollers that extend from your neck to your back, hamstring, and buttocks. The roller movement is what gives you maximum relaxation. This is the new technology found in modern machines. Check this feature in the Osaki OS-champ massage chair.

Heated Chairs

You may look to invest in a massage chair that comes with a heating facility. It produces infrared heat that heats the chair’s seat and back and offers optimum relaxation to your muscles. Some massage chairs also heat your feet. Not all massage chairs have this feature. So make sure to check it once before finalizing the purchase.

Strength of the Chair

The strength of your massage chair impacts the massage power. It thus pays to consider this factor if you desire a truly fruitful session. It is the motor strength that determines the force with which the chair will give you a massage. The modern massage chairs let you control the strength with remote control. This lets you customize the massage pressure as you desire.

Computer Body Scan

The computer body scan is a great feature to have in your Osaki OS-champ massage chair. While most massage chairs have some pre-programs to select from, the drawback is that these are timed and work on a special part of your body.

For an alleviated experience, it pays to buy a massage chair that comes with body mapping technology. This customizes the massage after testing the various body reactions. The message will then be personalized by the chair, depending on what your body needs.

Do Your Research and Then Finalize the Purchase

There are a variety of Osaki chairs available to suit varied price brackets. Understanding the features of the massage chair and making a list of those you desire can help you narrow down to the best Osaki chair that meets your individual needs and falls with your budget.


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