The garage door is the entrance to your home. A well functional residential garage door with its smooth operation is a part of your daily life. Incorporate your design sense with garage doors that set your home differently in style, appearance, security, and comfort.

If you notice any major damage to your garage door or still using a manual garage door, it may be time to replace it with a new residential garage door installation in Royse City, TX. When you call a garage door service company, professional technicians will visit your home and assess your door to determine whether the garage door needs replacement or whether it can be repaired. Whether you need to replace or repair your garage door, a professional team will reliably repair or replace your garage door.

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Here are some common door problems that hinder garage door functionality.

Malfunctioning Photo-Eyes

A common reason for a garage door not closing is a faulty photo-eye. Photo eyes keep the garage door shut if an object passes through an infrared ray. The photo-eyes need to be aligned correctly. If it is not aligned correctly, it can cause your garage door to stay open. Also, if the lens on one or both photo eyes is dirty with debris, it may cause your garage door not to function as well. With both of these scenarios, your garage door Photo-Eye system assumes a blockage in the door. If the photo-eye of the garage door is blinking, it means that there is a blockage in the way of the door.

Broken Spring

Another common reason why your garage door may not work is a broken spring. A spring provides tension to the garage door opener to help pull up the garage door. This is a problem that you can easily detect. Over time, the springs on your garage door will start to wear out from frequent use. After some time, garage door springs will break, making your garage door non-functional and in need of repair. The springs are usually just overhead the garage door, near the wall. If you have two springs on your garage door, you will most likely need to replace both springs.

Garage doors are difficult to operate with broken springs, and it is unsafe to replace garage door springs on your own as the tension on the springs can cause serious injury. So, leave broken spring repair to a garage door professional. Always call a professional garage door repair company​ for garage door spring replacement in Forney, TX.

Noisy Garage Door

Noisy doors are very common, and there can be a few reasons why the garage door is noisy. This problem can sometimes be resolved with a lubrication process recommended by the door manufacturer. Rollers, Hinges, and springs must be lubricated regularly to keep these components functioning smoothly for the long term. If this is not the problem, contact your local garage door service provider to help diagnose the problem, as you may need a replacement component for your garage door.

Broken Cable Repair

Cables are an essential part of your overhead garage door. Garage door cables are designed to pull up the entire weight of the garage door during operation, using the tension provided by springs. With a regular operation of the garage door, these garage door cables will deteriorate and eventually break.

If your garage door is getting stuck mid of opening or closing, or it isn’t hanging straight on the lines, this means your garage door cables need to be replaced. Repairing a broken spring, repairing a broken garage door cable on your own can be very risky and cause serious injuries. It is good to contact a garage door professional for overhead garage door repair in Rowlett, TX.

Worn-Out Garage Door

With proper maintenance, a garage door can last 40-50 years or more, but when overlooked, it can wear out within 10 or 15 years, with no real option but to replace it at that time. More likely, you can go for door replacement for aesthetic purposes– because you’re just tired of seeing its bad damaged look and want to bring the new style garage door. You can contact a garage door service company for a new residential garage door installation in Royse City, TX.


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