Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering. Structural engineers plan, design, write reports and evaluations, perform calculations, review the work of other engineers and oversee the construction of new buildings.

Structural engineers perform tasks such as designing and constructing buildings and structures that can withstand the elements they’ll be exposed to and improve the structural integrity of existing buildings. A structural engineer performs the following tasks;

  • Making calculations about stress and loads
  • Providing technical advice
  • Preparing designs, reports, and drawings
  • Administering contracts
  • Selecting appropriate construction materials
  • Liaising with vital professional staff
  • Managing projects
  • Inspecting properties to check foundations and structural conditions

Most structural engineers work for engineering or construction consultancies; the best structural engineering firms focus on designing structures and overseeing the construction of the structure.

Here are some structural engineering services offered by Structural engineers; they include;

  • New Construction:The most common project that a structural engineer oversees is the construction of new buildings. The structural engineer is responsible for determining if the proposed structure and foundation will support the building. They reach their conclusions by assessing various factors, including soil type, building weight, weather patterns, and strength of the proposed foundation.

Structural engineers are hired at the early stages of the construction project to design the foundation and structure. In some cases, a structural engineer is hired when a property is getting redeveloped or improved. If the building is being redeveloped, the weight will increase, meaning a new foundation assessment has to be carried out. They are also hired to fix the foundation of any property that has structural issues.

  • City Infrastructure:Structural engineers are also involved in the development of some large city projects. Alongside civil engineers, structural engineers analyze the plans for developing major roadways, tunnels, highways, and other projects dealt with by local communities. They access the viability of the plan to ensure its ability to withstand traffic volume, weather, and other factors that cause stress to the roadway.
  • Bridge Construction: Professional structural engineers help develop and construct bridges. Due to the weight bridges carry, the construction of a new bridge requires thorough analysis by a structural engineer. The report is used to develop the foundation for a bridge but requires a unique analysis based on the different stress points that impact the bridge’s support.

Structural engineers are crucial to the development and construction of new structures; they ensure our homes, bridges, and other structures are safe and secure.


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