Forklifts play an integral part in the daily routine of many employees across a very broad spectrum of industries. Work, whether it be in agriculture, industry, retail or another niche, has almost always involved a need to move large and heavy objects around the workplace. For most of human history, this meant using hoists, pulleys, ropes or cables. These methods were strenuous and dangerous.

The need for a better method during World War I and World War II led to the development of a more widely diverse forklift that could be used throughout industry. This was an amazing development that made many jobs safer, easier and quicker while also alleviating employers of a huge risk of injury.

Forklifts were revolutionary for many industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Shipping
  • Inventory Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • General Manufacturing

These same industries will benefit from the next great revolution in moving large weights, the electric forklift scale. Electric forklift scales such as the  forklift scale or the hay squeeze scale, work by using a pressure transducer (or pressure transmitter) to scale the weight of an object being loaded. The pressure transducer does this by converting the amount of pressure into an analog signal that can be translated to a numerical weight. The pressure transducer is what makes it possible for the electric forklift scale to do its job and turn your forklift into a “scale on wheels!”

Who Needs an Electric Forklift Scale?

Almost any business or contractor who is using a forklift will be happy to have a forklift scale! The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines that govern the use of forklifts and they do require that loads be kept to the recommended electric forklift weight capacity.

You will find the electric forklift weight capacity listed on the forklift data plate. However it is important to note that the electric forklift weight capacity listed on the data plate is not the only consideration when it comes to how heavy a load can or can not be. Other factors that should be considered include: the load’s weight distribution, load placement, load distribution and the forklift attachments that are being used.

Beyond complying with OSHA and industry standards, you do not want to overload a forklift because it can lead to forklift turnovers which have proven to be deadly. Overloading will also waste energy and can damage your machine.

While overloading can be a dangerous problem, you do want to use the forklift to move as much as possible at one time The point of the forklift is to increase speed and production, so you will want to get as much as you can out of each use of the machine. You also do not want to waste money and energy by using it unnecessarily for half sized loads.

Accuracy in measuring the weight of loads while using your forklift dramatically affects the productivity of your operation as well as the productivity of the machine.

How an Electric Forklift Scale Can Affect Business

Having accurate weights when it comes to your goods is one of the most important things you can do to stop shrinkage. Shrinkage costs millions of dollars every year. You can not possibly keep track of stock when you don’t have an accurate accounting of it.

Having an accurate accounting of weight is also vital when dealing with partners and customers alike, having false weights can make you look dishonest. In time, this will ruin your reputation and can cause business dealings to fall through.

American Forklift Scale

American Forklift Scale has been in business since 1989 and has over 85 years of experience in on board weighing. They offer you easy to use, state of the art solutions to on board weighing. American Forklift Scale offers great weighing solutions like:

  • Forklift Scale: Use the AccuLoad LTWS-1 on your lift truck to accurately weigh loads and stop losing money.
  • Front / Bucket Loader Scale: Use the AccuLoad Model LTWS-12 to see the accuracy immediately after filling up the bucket.
  • Bin / Scout Truck Scale: This will weigh your small container, bin and dumpster loads while your truck is at the pick-up location in real time.
  • Hay Squeeze Scale: Lift and weigh hay bales with ease using the hay squeeze scale.

American Forklift Scale also offers great customer care and support as well as a list of support documents needed for anything from setting up your new scale indicator to calibrating to warranties. Visit American Forklift Scale on the web or call (888) 640-2725 and a knowledgeable customer service representative can help you get started with a free 21 day test drive right away!


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