More than ever, now patient comfort and security are the top concerns at a physician’s office, large health system, or urgent care center. Considering the COVID-19 crisis, patient worry even entering a health care facility

But regardless of a pandemic, some patients have to visit health care facilities. As a provider, in addition to exceptional care, it is essential to keep your patients confident you are supporting their comfort, safety, and security a priority.

Below are four ways to help ensure patient comfort and security while they’re seeking medical treatment:

Exam table

Considering the age diversity of patients that visit your medical facility, you may want to look for a high-quality exam table for sale. An exam room table should be suitable and meet the needs of all patient types: elderly, pregnant, obese, pediatric, etc.

Moreover, consider having an exam table with a weight capacity for larger patients and patient-assist arms for ease of entry and exit of the exam table.

Ask your patients if they are comfortable.

The best medical exam tables already ensure your patient’s maximum comfort but pay attention to the patient’s body language, tone, and posture. If they appear uncomfortable or stressed, take a moment and ask them about how they are feeling.

Slowing down for a moment to express empathy can do wonders for your patient’s comfort level. Expressing an interest in their well-being supports the patient to be open and honest about their symptoms, health concerns, diagnosis, and prognosis.

Cleanliness and order

A visibly clean and maintained exam room is vital to a patient’s comfort. A clean and infection-free atmosphere leaves a patient secure in knowing their health and well-being is handled by professional office staff.

The spread of infections is a risk to all patients with compromised immune systems or someone who comes in for a well check-up and ends up leaving with a cold.

Wiping down the equipment and exam table upholstery with approved, medical-grade cleaners is a quick and pain-free task to ensure patient safety and security.

Updated equipment

Over time and continued use, an exam table is likely to develop normal wear and tear on the upholstery. Make sure your exam tabletops and leg pads are free of gashes, holes, discoloration, or exposed foam.

Outdated and over-used tables not only can become snagged and can create an environment for harboring bacteria and other microorganisms, but it’s also unappealing.

If your exam table has started looking outdated, it may be wise to look for the new exam tables for sale. These days, exam tables come with additional features that can make the overall examination process even more comfortable and fast.

Final thoughts

Patient’s comfort should always be top of mind. Remember, that one encounter, though one of many to you in a day, is likely the most important visit the patient in the making that day.

Room aesthetic, updated and clean equipment, and compassion make all the difference when considering patient comfort and security.



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