This decade has been revolutionizing when it comes to men’s hairstyling. Everyone loves appropriately groomed, well-designed, and well-cut hair, but the hairstyling has been limited to only women in the past. The Rachel cut or the iconic Princess Diana cut is popular to date, along with many other hairstyles available for women. However, for men, the variations in hairstyle have been relatively limited.

Now is the best time to embrace new hairstyles and find the one hairstyle that suits you the best. One can also plan a surprise haircut and do it for the men in their life. Though there have been few trends in the men’s hairstyling world, the current hairstyles give more attention to details and are well trimmed at affordable bubble salon prices. There are many hairstyles for men, but some of the best men’s hairstyle, according to the best hairstylist in San Francisco, are listed below-

The rugged textured crop

The rugged textured crop hairstyle is the one that was first seen in the hairstyling shops of Europe. It is a combination of hairstyles, and the hair is shorter on the top and fades on the sides. The hair is given the matte-finished; it looks similar to the crew cut but with a touch of fringes and fades. The style is becoming more popular in the USA and Australia because it requires little attention and it is a low-maintenance hairstyle.

The Undercut Style with multiple variations

Be it Zyan Malik or Beckham; these celebrities adorned undercut hairstyles every once in a while. The undercut has been in the market for quite a bit, and it gives a clean edge to men. It is an indicator of a clean and sophisticated hairstyle and is well suited with formal attires. Some of the best hairstylists in San Francisco believe that the undercut matched with pompadours, quiffs, and fringes also give a unique look to the person.


The other highlight of the undercut hairstyle is that it suits the person well, irrespective of their hair type. The undercut style is shorter (trimmed) on the sides and comparatively longer on the top works equally well with wavy hair, curly hair, and straight hair. There are various ways to style the undercut, but the most popular ones are spiked hair and gelled, sleeked, and combed hair.

The Disconnected undercut and fade undercut

These two hairstyles are upgraded versions of the undercut hairstyle. The disconnected hairstyle is for those who want a more detailed look, and the sides are trimmed and shaved. The top hair is a bit longer, which leaves a good impression and high impact. This hairstyle goes well with the bearded look.

The fade undercut attenuates as the short hair on the sides is joined with the longer hair on the top. The style is best suited for those who want uniformity as the fade undercut is a definition of detailed and uniform flow.

The textured pompadour haircut

The textured pompadour haircut is one of those iconic hairstyles that has been in the fashion industry for a long time. The textured pompadour haircut is the signature haircut of Elvis Presley and David Beckham. It is similar to the quiff hairstyle; the hair is shorter on the sides and longer on the top. The striking feature of this hairstyle is that a high volume of swept-up hair on the top. In modern times the pompadour hair is mixed with the undercut style to give it more texture and detail.

The pompadour hair needs a little bit of care and some good quality hair products to style it in the desired way. You can start by apply hair wax and combing it backward to make pomp. Once the required splendor is achieved, blow-dry your hair. The undercut style adds a modern touch to the hairstyle without destroying the vintage touch.

The Mohawk and Fohawk style

The Mohawk and Fohawk styles are symbols of rebellious nature, and it is a style inspired by rock bands. The Mohawk is made in the center of the head, and the remaining hair is shaved off. Over time, the Faux Hawk and Mohawk gradually styled to make softer transitions between short side hair and long hair on the top. It is effortless to maintain, which made Mohawk and fohawk a popular choice among men.


The abovementioned hairstyle is further divided into different categories and styles that the best hairstylist in San Francisco can only doThe biggest highlight of the men’s hairstyle is that it is very budget-friendly, and one can get the desired hairstyle at affordable bubble salon prices.



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